Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mission Bay Triathlon 2012 - Race Report

... third year at Mission Bay, and my race is STILL all over the board! 

2010 - too much water and I walked the run... 1:45:55

2011 - AWESOME race - all felt great... 1ST PLACE in 1:21:07

2012 - (3) things that went wrong - but no excuses... 2ND PLACE in 1:22:16

I have been thinking a lot about what I was going to write about this race.  I've always been honest with you about my weight loss, confidence, and reports on how things are going, and after a few days of reflection, I need to be honest about this race... and other stuff...

Work has taken over my life and everything else has suffered... I'm not being my husband's girlfriend, I'm not being patient with my kids, and I'm not properly training to reach my goals. 

I'm going to leave that short, but important, admission sit there at the moment as just putting it out there is forcing me to face the music and make some changes.

While there are things that need to be changed to bring my priorities back in line, I would like to share this race... I trained hard...Jeff supported me every step of the way... and he and Anna got up at 4AM to cheer me on... and... there is a new Athena 40+ champ that needs a big time shout out! :-)

As always... the photos are going to tell the story...
Here we go... early morning, but 10 minutes to the start...
The only part of my race that I cut...
... my swim was awesome!
A photo is worth 1,000 words... see that look on my face... I just saw the marking
on the calf of this gal in front of me... she was my competition, and I knew she won...
I had researched the gals in my category, and I knew they were all faster runners
than me... Nicol and I crossed the bike finish together and I told her she was
going to win our race.  Long story short... she also had been watching me, and knew
she had to keep my wheel on the bike to win the race.  I LOVE the fact that I am
not the only one that follows the competition... :-)
I was feeling OK at the start of the run,
but right here I'm telling Jeff, "#1 is right in
front of me... she's RIGHT THERE!"

I already knew that I was in 2nd place, and I did not want anyone
to sneak up on me at the finish... so I SPRINTED to the line! (Coach Laura
always says, "You have to finish one way or the other, you may as well

Me with 1st place winner, Nicol Roemer... AWESOME!
For Nicol, this is a destination race for her and her husband (and nephew this year!)
Nicol is AWESOME, and although I'm going to have to beat her next time,
I look forward to competing with this fantastic gal!

Good day... bad day... it doesn't matter... MAKE... YOUR... GOALS... HAPPEN!  I might not have won this race, but I got my butt out of bed... trained... and took 2nd place!  What did you do to make your goals happen today?