Monday, May 16, 2011


WOOOO HOOOO!  When I FINALLY weighed in with the new scale (which I calibrated to match the old scale), I was at 213.4... I AM NO LONGER OBESE... just overweight!  HAPPY DAY! HA, HA, HA... SERIOUSLY... who would have ever thought that I would (first of all) be sharing my weight on the internet and (secondly) that I would be celebrating my obesity (or lack thereof...)  This journey just makes me smile... and pretty much because I am feeling sooooooo GOOD!

213.4 pounds
215 pounds

I've lost 23.6 pounds since I started this journey and 36.6 pounds since last summer!  And talk about getting my "sexy back"... Jeff was even checking out my "rear view" on our 22 mile bike ride yesterday... (tee, hee, hee...) Make it a GREAT day!

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Lexen said...

Wooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Girlfriend, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!! What a milestone!!!

Consider posting an update to those sexy new measurements??!! I bet you've lost a ton of inches!! You'll be at your goal before you know it!!!! I'm going to do my measurements again tomororow and check my progress!! Lexen~