Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crazy, CRAZY month...

Nothing new about the craziness in our life... just about 10 times crazier.  Things are calming a bit and it is time for me to catch up.  In the past month, my doctor gave me the go ahead to start running, which I've been doing slowly.  I'm doing 3 mile runs now and am at or a bit faster than race pace.  Still struggling with pain, so my confidence is not high, but getting stronger. Training for the Desert International (aquathon... they offered an international distance swim and bike without the run, so I registered for that since I haven't been able to run for 4 months), and that training is going well.


At the start of the year, I started taking a supplement that was to help my knees, but it shot my weight up to 213 pounds... sooooo, for the past month, I've been bouncing between 208 and 213... even with the 5 times a week race training and eating right... WHAT!?  So, I stopped the supplement and FINALLY, the past two weeks things are going in the right direction! 
Today Anna cheered for me... "Yeah, Mom!  You are almost back to One-derland!"  She MADE MY DAY!  :-)  I'm just happy that with two weeks to go until the first race of the season, I'm going to fit into my wetsuit... and with so many family and friends planing to be there, I'm growing more confident by the day that I'm going to be ready to ROCK this race! :-)