Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Mission Bay Triathlon (very late post)

HOLY COW... it has already been (5) weeks since my last race of the 2014 season and I haven't posted my race report yet... (what!?)  Since then we have prepared for and gone on a cruise, planned/had a Halloween party, trained with Tri-It Together and am getting everything ready (nutrition/training plan) for the 70.3 Ironman training to start in T-31 days!  Needless to say things have been crazier than normal around here, but I would love to share my thoughts on the 2014 Mission Bay Triathlon... photos... take it away...
This is the 5th year I have done this race (this
was my 1st regular sprint tri in 2010)  After 30+ years,
the course changed and I LOVED THE NEW COURSE!
I couldn't wait to get into the water!
My wave start included several different categories
and I knew I would do well... 4th out of the water of
all of the groups!
So... I had (2) issues on the bike... the new course was good, but had its challenges
(biggest being you couldn't train the whole course in advance because of needed road
closures) but I had a sunglasses debacle and I slipped my chain on the 180 degree
turn (that I was concerned about and now I was sitting in the crash zone
trying to reset my chain.)  I lost about (2) minutes with these issues, but still had
I saw the #2 40+ Athena athlete for the year (KOZ point series) at the
start of the run.  There was a short out and back part of the course and she
was about a minute behind me when I saw her.  CRUD!  I know
I am the slowest runner in our group and she was RIGHT THERE! 
I really liked the new run course and had practiced on it, so I
knew that I couldn't stop... darn it, she was RIGHT THERE!  I ran
for my life and looked over my shoulder several times looking for her
during the run.  I sprinted for the finish, still thinking she was
going to pass me, but I held on... and FELT GREAT!
Tammy and me... Athena friends... she and her
husband, Frank, give the BEST pre-race
prayers!!!  Love getting to see them twice a year!
Athena Podium Winners... Cheryl and Jaime are both new triathletes
and new friends (I'm going to have to watch out when they turn over 40!) :-)
It was a wonderful race and although there was a new course, I PR'd BY OVER 5 MINUTES!!!  WOOO HOOOO!  And guess who has the most points for the year... Athena athlete over and under 40 years old... ;-)  ... more details to come!