Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Accountable buddy...

One of the first posts that my accountability partner sent to me!
And, sooooooo true!

I don't know if I have said that enough.  The cross training sport of traithlon has helped me lose 50 pounds, is giving me back my confidence, and has introduced me to an INCREDIBLE group of athletes that are supportive and inspiring... no matter if you are racing against them or not... triathletes are a WONDERFUL group of people. 

My last post was of my training plan for this next week.  As soon as I posted it, I got a message from a fellow triathlete.  She sent me her training plan for the week and we became "accountable buddies."  She even started a Facebook page so we can touch bases and encourage each other each day.  WE... ALL... NEED... ACCOUNTABLE... BUDDIES!  It could be your spouce, a relative, a friend... or ALL OF THE ABOVE!  I think that the more people that are watching for you... supporting you... that you need to be accountable to... the better!  Although most of the triathlon journey is training/diet and mental, the accountability part is what really makes it happen!

Set your goals at the start of every week...
... make sure that someone is keeping you on track...
... you will rock your own world!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Time to be accountable...

I've been struggling with training, work, family... sometimes a lot to handle.  My first coach (Hi, Laura!), taught me that the best way to stick to a training program was to ink it in before the week started.  So here I go...

 Monday – Expresso Bike/Treadmill Intervals

Tuesday – 30 minute treadmill – train with Chad

Wednesday – Boot camp with Jane

Thursday – off

Friday – 30 minute bike – train with Chad

Saturday – 3,000m swim
Sunday – Brick – 15 mile bike, 3 mile run

... time to make this happen!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Sprint Race Report

A week late, but still a good story to tell.  Last year was the first time that I did the Spring Sprint Triathlon.  It is the shortest distance race of my year and I enjoy it because it is such a fast, early season race and because they have divisions for the kids.  It is SOOO COOOL to see the little ones racing.  I happened to be in the transition area this year as the kids were coming into T1 and T2... from the swim and transitioning into the bike and from the bike going to the run.  I was cheering and clapping and giggling to myself as they made all of the same mistakes that we all make in transition... and then some.  One little boy knocked over the entire bike rack... one boy just dropped his bike in the middle of the row, left it and started his run... one little girl started to run with her bike helmet on... that was sooooo cute to watch!

As usual, I'll let the photos tell the tale of my race...

Me, Tammy (one of my race group competitors) and
her husband, Frank.  I've gotten to know Tammy on
Facebook and at several races.  Tammy led us in a special
"pre race" prayer that I know kept us all safe in this race!
I LOVE this shot!  We were the first wave of the day and I'm the one in the middle adjusting my goggles. 
I do have to say, this was my worst swim experience ever!  I've started with big male groups before, but I've never been
kicked or punched (and somewhat intentionally) as much as I was in those short 400 meters!  Let this serve as another  reminder that I need to trust myself to start front and center in the swim.  I finished before most of these guys and had to fight my way up front because I thought they would be faster... ;-)
... about 30 seconds to the finish line.  This was my first race run of the season after
an injuy all off season.  The run was HARD and I had to push with everything I
had to finish strong.  I am still amazed everyday how much of this race is
mental... I believe it is half physical, half mental...
So you saw us before the race, and here is the after shot of me
 and Tammy... and I always say that she has the BEST race
hair EVER! (Mine is in a little mess under my hat!)
Anna playing around while we were waiting for the awards...
... because...
I TOOK 1ST PLACE!  (And beat the under
40 year olds, too!)
I'm now preparing for my hardest race of the year, our high school reunion triathlon relay (and I pulled the run - AUGH), and a century bike ride.  I have some weight, distance training, and confidence issues to address at the moment, but know I can do it.  I'll be sharing more about this over the next few weeks. 

For today, I'm thrilled I was able to keep it together for this race, and that my wonderful husband continues to support my early morning training and even earlier morning races!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Sprint Eve...

I've packed breakfast for Anna and Jeff and their chairs along with my
race pack... have to take care of my personal "photog team!" ;-)
... as Anna calls the day before any special event, the "[event] eve," tonight is the Spring Sprint Eve!  The shortest race of the year for me, but a good one!  Anna asked me today, "So tomorrow is your easiest race of the year because it is the shortest?"  I explained that it is the shortest, but that means I have to go faster than normal... my long distance pace is a bit slower than a sprint, so this race is GO, GO, GO... no time for rest or to breathe! 

Good news is that we didn't see an jellies in the water today... we had to swim with them last year.  And a fun new thing for this year is our name on our number/bib.  Time for me to get to bed... up at 3AM because I am the first wave start and with the elites again tomorrow (really... elites and clydesdales/athenas going together... OK...)  HERE...WE...GO!