Sunday, June 8, 2014

I am PROUD of ME!

It's NOT how hard you "tri"... it is pushing past your
limits and making it happen anyway!!!
I am three weeks out from the San Diego International Triathlon...

... 1,000 meter swim, 17.5 mile hilly bike, 6.2 mile run.

And I have been FREAKING OUT about this race.  Since I went back to work, I have not had the time to do the amount of long distance training that I need to do... and with the injuries I had this winter, I spent over 4 months without even running.

SDIT is in 3 weeks...

... and today I did my first full distance brick... on the race course... since the race last year.

I told myself that I am SOOO not ready for this race... this distance... especially because I've been trying to do this brick for the past (6) weeks and something keeps getting in the way.

So today, Jeff and I made it to the race course to see what I could do.

The Ride... Jeff replaced my bike break and gear cable systems and gave me some new handlebar tape that was sooooo needed.  It was GREAT!  I felt strong on the bike, but wondered how the run would go.

The Run... HOLY COW!  I TOTALLY turned myself inside out on the run... it was 80 degrees (even at the bay) and was tough, but I cut 5 minutes off of last years run time!!!  WOO HOOOO!

I think KNOW I'm ready for this race!!!  3 more weeks and HERE... WE... GO!