Monday, February 28, 2011

Photos and weight for 1st 6 weeks...

This has been one of those all consuming, crazy, CRAZY weeks and I apologize for being absent for several days!!!  Our 21-year old daughter moved back home... we had to pretty much gut 2 bedrooms, 2 extra closets and the garage to get things moved around for her to come home... oh, and she broke her wrist and has a wrist to shoulder cast, so she wasn't doing much moving... our 6-year old had a SEVERE allergic reaction to the medication she was taking for strep throat (2nd doctor visit in a week)... crying with and being there for loved ones that are going through a tough time... monthly design assignments and preparing my audition for my favorite design team... all in addition to the regular stuff... Athletic Boosters, upcoming auction preparation, Grad Nite work, accreditation meeting at the high school, and 5 DAYS of training for the triathlon in 3 weeks...

... and even with all of that, I had an AMAZING WEEK!!!  TODAY, I am 14 POUNDS LIGHTER than I was 6 weeks ago!!!   2.4 pounds THIS WEEK!  Look at these photos... who knew what a difference 3.4 pounds and two weeks would make!!!

226.4 pounds

223 pounds

See you tomorrow for Music Day!  Yes, I will be here... :-)  Make it a GREAT day!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Music Day... Beautiful...

I spent over an hour on the phone with a friend yesterday.  She and I have been emailing back and forth since I started this blog... she feels the same things... is going through the same challenges...  and she WANTS to be her husband's girlfriend AGAIN. 

The one thing I heard in her voice and her words over and over again was fear.  Those negative voices in her head are so LOUD that it is hard for her to believe she can lose the weight... that she can get her confidence back... that she can be fun and flirty and sexy again.  And I think there are a lot of us out there that are going through the same thing... including me. 

This song is for ALL OF US... for my friend... for you... for me.  We need to start everyday with a smile... and we need to keep smiling all day long, because we CAN do this... and we WILL do this... ONE DAY at a time... ONE CHOICE at a time... starting here... Replace those negative thoughts with your NEW SOUNDTRACK... and add this one to your "play list"  BECAUSE...


"Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera
I REALLY like this performance of the song from the Ellen Show.  INCREDIBLE!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Photos after 5 weeks...

It has been 5 weeks and I am still in awe of this process!  For all the women following along, you know how difficult one week a month is for us in general, not to mention the water weight we put on.  I usually put on about 5 pounds during this time and I was curious to see what would happen since I'm paying close attention to my weight.  And... I was up an average of 2.5 pounds for the week... until yesterday...

I weighed in this morning and, AMAZINGLY, was down 3.5 pounds (2.5 that I had put on this week, and an extra pound off my overall!)  WOOO HOOOO!  In the past 5 weeks, I have lost 11.6 pounds... and the physical changes continue to surprise me! 

225.4 pounds

237 pounds

"Oh... my... gosh, Becky... look at her butt!"  Sorry, Sir Mix-A-Lot, but you are not going to like THIS butt... this one is MINE and I'm getting my sexy back!

SERIOUSLY... I can't tell you how INSPIRING it is TO ME to see these weekly photos!  The decreasing numbers on the scale are one thing, but these photos are the key at the moment.  If you are following along and working on your weight loss, you HAVE to try this!!!  

NEW WEEKLY SEGMENTS!!!  I have had such a GREAT response to the weekly Music Day and Foodie Friday posts, that I am adding a few more weekly goodies.  Thanks for the comments and suggestions and the first of the new weekly segments this week!  See you tomorrow for Music Day!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Final Flower Day...

Today's flower story is AWESOME!  Jeff and I had been dating for about 1 1/2 years...

Every summer, my family spends 1-2 weeks camping on Mission Bay in San Diego.  Mom and Dad have an awesome trailer and the kids and I stay in our tent.  This particular year, Jeff brought his own tent and camped with (next door) to us.  I think I have shared that Jeff is a cyclist, so he brought his road bike with him so he could get in a few early morning rides while the rest of us slept in. 

THIS MORNING, all of us were up and getting ready for breakfast when Jeff rides up on his bike... with AN ENTIRE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS STICKING OUT OF THE BACK OF HIS JERSEY!  It was the most amazing site to see him coming down the road with all these flowers... pull up right in front of me, get off his bike and hand me the flowers... ((( swoon )))... and even better... HE BOUGHT THEM SEVERAL MILES AWAY FROM OUR CAMP!  He admitted he had several drivers honk at him, smile, and/or make a comment about the "lucky girl" that would be getting the flowers.

Now, THAT, is a guy that is worth "becoming a girlfriend" for!  Jeff and I have had several chuckles as we traveled through memory lane, together, this week.  I hope you found a few treasured memories of your early days... and shared them with your husbands... and the giggles and kisses... it has been a GOOD week! 

See you tomorrow for WEIGH IN!!!  WOOO HOOOO!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Foodie Friday... Chicken and Salsa Baked Potato in 5 MINUTES!

PO...TA...TOES!!!  (said in my best "Cookie Monster" impression!)  I am more of a bread/carb gal than a sugar/candy gal, so potatoes are one of my FAVORITE THINGS!  And, surprisingly, they have also become one of my favorite meals!  They are SOOOOOO low fat and SOOOOO filling that I have started having a baked potato (you could add a quick side salad) as one of my favorite dinners... and the good thing is that the rest of the family loves them, too!
NOW... there are some temptations that you have to watch out for with a baked potato... NO butter... NO sour cream... NO cheese... and with this recipe, you don't even need margarine!!!  YES, you could add these things, but what is the point of empty calories when you have such a yummy meal already!?

1 large brown potato - 280 calories, 0.4 fat grams, 6.6 dietary fiber grams = 5 WW points
(I usually use 2 red/white potatoes... 1 medium (3 ozs.) - 1 WW point (2 points total)
Rotisserie Chicken (3 ozs.) - 140 calories, 7 fat grams, 0 dietary fiber = 3 WW points
Salsa (make your potato juicy, since you gave up your butter!... 1/3 cup - 60 calories, 0 fat grams - 1 WW point

There are many different ways to prepare chicken for your potato, but my favorite new way is to buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store... and do yourself a favor and TAKE THE SKIN OFF!  While I am cooking my potatoes in the microwave, I cut up the chicken for the family and take the salsa out of the fridge.  YEP... it is THAT easy! 

Compare my baked potato to one that you would grab at a fast food place...

Mine with 2 medium red potatoes, chicken and salsa - 6 WW points
Carl's Jr. Bacon/Cheese Potato - 620 calories... 29 fat grams... = 14 WW points

No question in my book! 
See you tomorrow for the third Flower Day! 
Jeff did this one in front of my whole family...
and lots of drivers on the streets of San Diego...
... it was a WINNER!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flower Day #2...

I have a quick little story for you today... but it packs a big PUNCH!  Day 2 of Jeff's flower "awesomeness" was at my very first marathon... the 2000 LA Marathon.  (and, no, I'm not still marathoning... that ended in 2000!)

A little back story... I trained with a group for 6 MONTHS for this race... and I was READY to go!  My parents, the kids and Jeff stayed up in LA for the weekend to be there and watch me run... but there were two problems...

1.  I had the flu and a fever of 102!
2.  It was raining... it actually rained an average of 1" PER HOUR during the marathon!

Long story short, Mom, Dad and the kids watched the race on TV in the hotel room while Jeff braved the weather to cheer me on...

... and just short of the finish line I heard him calling my name...

... I saw him in the crowd and he was holding a dozen red roses...

... and motioned me to come over to him.

At that point, my time didn't matter, just my cute boyfriend (still boyfriend at that time)... those flowers... and a wonderful kiss!  I crossed the finish line in 5:55:50... soaking wet... still with a fever... and the BIGGEST SMILE on my face... butterflies fluttering in my stomach... and cradling my special flowers.  3 months later, I bettered my time by little over an hour (4:50:00) at the 2000 Rock n Roll Marathon... and Jeff was at the finish line of that race, too... with more flowers!

Remember your assignment for the week... think of a memory where your spouse did something wonderful for you... totally out of the blue... and let those butterflies start fluttering in your stomach again, too!!! ;-)

See you tomorrow for FOODIE FRIDAY (as a friend of mine renamed for me!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music Day and Flower Event #1... Our Proposal... (tissue alert!)

Ahhhhh... I need to compose myself here... have you ever had an experience that you just knew that God was sitting next to you, putting all the puzzle pieces together, and handing them to you in a nice little gift?  That TOTALLY just happened to me... let me share how today's MUSIC DAY and my story about our proposal for FLOWER DAY #1 just came crashing together!!!

A page from one of my VERY FIRST scrapbooks!  Be NICE!  This was back when the only embellishments you had were the Creative Memories color blocks and Mrs. Grossman's Stickers... ;-)
The next few days, I will be sharing some of the "BEST Uses of Flowers" that Jeff has ever pulled off!  Of course, with 10 dozen roses organized in vases surrounding our camping chairs... in the middle of a park... overlooking the Pacific Ocean at sunset, the proposal was one of Jeff's all time BEST!  We had planned to watch the sunset before going to dinner on our 19-month anniversary, but I had NO IDEA what was coming.  Jeff and I arrived at this park and the first thing that I noticed was Jeff's friend, Ric, standing in the bushes with a camera.  Just as I was pondering what that meant, I saw the flowers... and our chairs... and the tears started flowing.  There were probably a dozen or so other people in the park, all watching one of the most romantic moments of our lives! 

Jeff read me a letter he had written and then got down on one knee... and asked me to "be his wife and complete his life."  He had asked my parents for my hand several days before, and after I said, "Yes," we picked up the kids and took them out for a special dinner where Jeff asked Jessica and Christian to "be his son and daughter."  (are the tears flowing yet!?)

It was a wonderful evening and a perfect example of how Jeff likes to use flowers to evoke the feeling of love! 

Now, onto Music Day... since Jeff had Frank Sinatra playing in the car that night, I thought a special song by Frank would be perfect for today.  I was going through all Frank's songs and the title of a song popped up that INSTANTLY brought tears to my eyes, and as soon as the music started playing, I was sobbing.  My Grandfather (Papa) and Grandma Marge were soooooo in love.  One summer, they DROVE my sister and me from Southern California to Michigan. 

One of our FAVORITE memories of that trip
was when Papa and Grandma Marge sang one of their favorite songs...
they always sat up there... in the front seat... holding hands as Papa drove...
and singing to each other,
but there was one song that Mary and I have been singing since that day several decades ago. 
I even sang a part of it during my Eulogy at Papa's funeral...
5 years ago on February 13th...
yes, he passed 5 years and 2 days ago...
and February 13th was also Grandma Marge and Papa's wedding anniversary.

I NEVER knew who sang that song...
We've asked all the "oldsters" in the family and nobody knew the song...
until just now.
It was Frank.
And the song is, "Always."
And it is the PERFECT Frank song to represent our proposal, our love,
and the never-ending love that I'm sure Grandma Marge and Papa continue to share...
as they watch over us...

So, go grab your husband, and give him one of those kisses...
because TRUE LOVE never dies!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Drumroll, PLEASE... 1st Month Photos... and Valentine's WEEK Fun...

I started this weight loss experiment 4 weeks ago at 237 pounds. 
I've been working out (hard) for over 2 years.
I have been drinking a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day for over two years. 

So, what have I changed to cause me to lose... 

237 pounds

226.4 pounds


I have been working out EVEN HARDER... 4-5 times a week
I have been watching my calories using the Weight Watchers Points program
(I'm not going to meetings, just watching my calories.)
I have my weigh-ins scheduled for Monday morning (I think this is a BIG one!)
And I have ALL OF YOU watching me... THAT is pretty major peer pressure!

I am THRILLED with these photos and the fact that I have proven to myself that I... CAN... LOSE... THE... WEIGHT!!!  I'm feeling SO GREAT after these 10.6 pounds, I'm giddy thinking about the next 10 pounds!!!

VALENTINE'S DAY... LADIES... as we go through this process of becoming our husband's girlfriend, you would think that Valentine's Day would be a big deal.  For some, it is.  Not for Jeff and me.  When we started dating, Jeff told me that he didn't celebrate Valentine's Day.  I thought he was CRAZY... then he continued... he said that he didn't believe that love should only be celebrated ONE DAY a year.  He randomly buys me flowers, writes me cards, and shows me he loves me ALL YEAR LONG!  (And we don't have to spend $150 on flowers or spend 3 hours waiting for a dinner reservation each February 14th.) 

Jeff brought me flowers last week.
We will exchange cards tonight.
And I am (still) my husband's girlfriend!

Flowers are still a big deal between us and Jeff has done some AMAZING things.  This week, I am going to share several of the most romantic things that Jeff has done with flowers.  Then I want YOU to tell me which one YOU LIKE THE BEST! One of your assignments this week... remember something special and wonderful that your spouse did for you... close your eyes and remember the way it made you feel...  and just try not to smile... ;-)    

The FLOWER FUN starts tomorrow...
on MUSIC DAY!!!  See you then!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1 Month photos tomorrow... and a goal for today...

I just got off the scale and, although I don't want to ruin the surprise, we have some CELEBRATING to do tomorrow when I post my 1 MONTH PHOTOS AND STATS!!!  (tee, hee, hee...)

A quick post for today.  One of the weekly assignments is to define some things that you "want back" as you lose weight.  I already told you about being able to sleep on my belly... WOO HOO!  There is another one, that might seem silly, but with all of the cycling and racing that I'm doing, this is kind of a big one for me.

Lance Armstrong... amazing guy... see the position he is in on his bike using his aero bars?  That is a position that I can't get into at the moment because, well... my belly gets in the way.  I am not yet competitve enough to need aero bars for racing, but it sure would be nice as I'm training for my first full century (100 mile bike ride) to be able to get into that comfortable and relaxed position while putting down the miles.  SOOO... another goal that I WILL REACH... then Jeff will have to buy me aero bars... ;-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

(The First) FOOD Friday...

I've been thinking... what is a good weight loss experiment without some great new food options... hummmm!?  Several of you asked for my Low Fat Shrimp Taco recipe, so I cooked it again and made sure to measure everything out so I could give you the stats on this yummy and filling meal!  I'll be talking Weight Watcher Points (since that is the program that I use), but adding in the calories and fat grams as I can (I have to get better with that!)

MENU for 1 serving...
Shrimp Tacos
Black Beans

Shrimp Tacos

Two white corn tortillas -  110 cal, 1.5 fat grams... 2 points
1/2 cup shredded cabbage - 0 points
Diced tomato - 0 points
1/4 of a medium avocado - 2 points (optional)
1/3 cup grated cheddar/jack cheese - 110 cal, 9 fat grams... 3 points (optional)
14 shrimp - 120 cal, 2 fat grams... 3 points
1 TBS margarine - 80 cal, 9 fat grams... 2 points
1 TBS low fat sour cream - 20 cal, 1 fat gram... 1/2 point (1/2 regular serving)
2 TBS zesty cocktail sauce - 30 cal, 0 fat grams... 1/2 point (1/2 regular serving)

I sauté the shrimp with the margarine, dried Basil and a bit of garlic salt.  Mix the sour cream and the cocktail sauce... this is a GREAT and low fat dressing for your taco.  With the exception of cutting a few of the veggies, you are ready to put this together and eat!  14 shrimp is a GOOD serving size... I only used 4 shrimp in each taco, so I ate the rest of my serving on the side (no WAY I was going to give up some of these yummy shrimp!)  Fill your taco with cabbage, tomato, and if you have enough calories left for the day, add a bit of avocado and/or cheese.  Easy... yummy... and FILLING!

Black Beans

1/2 cup Black Beans (canned) - 1 point
1/2 cup salsa - 0 points
Diced cilantro (to taste) - 0 points

Simply put these items in a sauce pan and heat slowly.  A GREAT serving size for only 1 POINT!  You could split the cheese serving above... some in the tacos and some to melt on top of your black beans... also, add some diced onion, or a TBS of low fat sour cream to the top of your beans... lots of options... and ohhh so yummy!

So, what did all of this food cost me in points...

2 Tacos... tortillas, shrimp, cabbage, tomato, dressing, avocado (no cheese)... 10 points (only 8 without the avocado)... and 6 extra shrimp on the side!
Black Beans... 1 point

Total = 11 points (about 1/3 of my points for the day)

Compare to Rubio’s (I LOVE me some Rubio’s!!!)
Grilled Herb Shrimp Taco (1 TACO!) - 340 cal, 19 fat grams... 6 points (12 points for two tacos)
Black Beans (reg. serving) - 100 cal, 1 fat gram... 2 points
Chips (reg. serving - comes with the beans) - 260 cal, 13 fat grams... 5 points

Total = 19 points

I get 28 points a day... and add an extra 4 on workout days... so 32 points.  This meal is very filling and a great alternative to going to a restaurant for shrimp tacos where, if you get the combo plate with two tacos, you will get black beans and chips... lots of extra calories!

Losing weight and food consumption is all about choices.  I could easily have shaved several more points off this meal, but I am trying to find a happy medium between "dieting," which I can't stick with, and my new life of healthy and realistic choices!  One serving of avocado is NOT going to kill my weight loss, but it WILL make me feel that I am not sacrificing and getting to eat a great meal... sounds like a win, win, to me!

Make it a GREAT day, Everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MUSIC DAY... I have a new trick... and WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS...

So... my body is definitely changing.  Although my starting weight was 237 for this weight loss experiment, this past summer, I hit 249.  Yeah... those numbers just got stuck in my throat as I tried to say them.  So, as I sit at 228 this morning, I have lost over 20 pounds from my highest weight, and I am feeling differences in my body...

... my size 18 pants and shorts are falling off... I'm still transitioning (yes, still a bit scared to commit to size 16), but half of my pants/shorts are NOW SIZE 16!

... my bras are getting loose in the cup... THANK GOD!  I CAN'T WAIT to go from these size 42DD back to my size 36C!!!  (SERIOUSLY... my running bra is soooo tight to control "the girls" that I can hardly breathe!)

... LAST NIGHT... I found myself COMFORTABLY SLEEPING ON MY BELLY!!!  This... is ... HUGE!  I LOVE sleeping on my belly, but haven't been able to do so for a very long time.  My belly had been getting in the way of comfy belly sleep!  So, as I was laying there, thinking about this momentous occasion, the most RANDOM song popped into my head and I just KNEW that it would be the one to add to the NEW AND POSSITIVLY IMPROVED Soundtrack in my head... 

... if you are a child of the 80's... and you loved Richard Blade and KROQ music... then you know this one...

... Burning Sensations, "Belly of the Whale."  Don't take this one literally... it is a song that I loved in the 80's that made me CRACK UP as I was trying to think of a song with the word "belly" in it.  Leave it at that and enjoy this really silly and perfectly 80's song!

WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS...  February 8th - 14th

*  Lose 2 pounds

*  Define something silly that you are looking forward to "getting back" as you go through your weight loss... like I did with getting to sleep on my belly again... my next one... tying my tennis shoes without having to hold my breath because my belly is in the way...

*  Share a giggle with your spouse... share something you saw... something you read... something that made you crack up and will give your spouse a "belly laugh," too (yes, pun intended!!!)

Make it a GREAT DAY, Everyone!

Monday, February 7, 2011

PHOTOS... Start of week 4... my body is CHANGING!

Today will be a quick post as I am running out of the house to an Athletic Boosters meeting, followed immediatly by a Grad Nite meeting (that I Chair). 

So... even after the big 21st Birthday night for our daughter, I STILL ended up losing 1 pound this week... 8.2 pounds in 3 weeks.  Now, usually I show you the current picture up against the very first week 1 photo, but I think it is interesting to see, not only what 1 POUND looks like, but how quickly my body is changing. 

I was pulling on my grey work out shorts and I noticed they fit differently.  I couldn't wait to see the photos and see if what I felt was real... and sure enough... just a few weeks ago, these shorts were deeply creased at the top of my legs... now look...

... the crease is almost gone!  Don't get me wrong... I still have LOTS of creases, but I can already see my body changing!!!  I never realized that 1 POUND could make such a difference!  This is PROOF, EVERYONE... 1 POUND AT A TIME... 1 DAY AT A TIME!!!

See you tomorrow... it's MUSIC DAY!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Weekend Goal... and a 21st Birthday...

First chance to use her "adult" ID...
I'M BACK!  Yesterday was our daughter's 21st BIRTHDAY!  SERIOUSLY... I can't BELIVE that we have a 21-year-old!!!  To celebrate her special day, Jeff and I took her, her best friend and my sister to San Diego for the evening.  Two hotel rooms, dinner at San Diego Harbor, and then my wonderful sister took the girls around the Gaslamp District to "break in" that new 21-year-old ID!  (Leaving Jeff and me to have a nice, quiet, romantic night to ourselves!!!)

The girls on their way to the Gaslamp for some fun!
Now, in case you were wondering how I handled THIS special event (since I have been SOOO good with the brunch at El Torito and the awesome dinner at The Palms)... I was NOT good and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  Here's the way I see it... I am trying to do something here that is becoming a new way of life... not just a temporary "diet."  Yes, I need to learn to be "good" for so many day to day events, but there are also some times that I just have to dive in and let myself have that piece of steaming bread with sundried tomato butter... or that special cocktail, on the rooftop patio of our hotel, looking down on Petco Park, the ocean, and the most beautiful sunset... hand in hand with my sweet husband...

So, I had WAY too many calories yesterday... but I am right back on track today.  I don't know what this is going to do to my weight for the week, but some special events are worth a momentary hiccup on the scale. 
Us... at sunset... ahhhhhhhhhhh :-)

Soooo... I promised you a special weekend assignment/goal... and, I'm such a sneaker... I've already checked it off my list!  The assignment is to go on a date with your spouse.  Seems simple enought, right?  But I want to see a show of hands... when was the last time you went on a date with your spouse?  It doesn't have to be as big and expensive as a night away at a hotel, like Jeff and I just did... you can go to a movie... you can pack a picnic and take it to a local park or beach... you can take your beach chairs, go to a special spot and watch the sun set... anything where the two of you spend some time alone... together... ohhhhhhhhh, and TURN THOSE ELECTRONICS OFF!  Seriously... spend some time without any distractions... be in the moment... with the one that you love.  Isn't that what we LOVED to do when we were dating...?  I remember that I could just sit and stare into Jeff's eyes... hold his hand... and we didn't have to do anything else... but be together.  I know...  baby steps... but we will get back to those special days when everytime he looks at you, you get butterflies... when we were our husband's girlfriend!!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MUSIC DAY and Goals...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!  IT'S MUSIC DAY!  I'm LOVING sharing inspirational music with you guys!!!  This is a song that is totally about "Becoming My Husband's Girlfriend!!!"

Tell me... when was the last time that you ACCEPTED (in a POSITIVE manner) a compliment that your husband gave you!?  HUMMMMM...  You know... our husbands try... I know mine does!  He gives me compliments all the time... but, sadly, most of the time I don't take it in the way it was intended.  He can say, "You look beautiful today, Tracey,"  and I will immediately say something like, "Augh, this outfit makes my stomach look big" or "My pants are way too tight, but it is the only thing that fits."  Come on... raise your hand if this sounds like you...

Today's song is a song that Jeff shared with me... as a compliment... because, as the song says, "[he] thinks I'm amazing, just the way [I am]."  I LOVE this song and it is on my workout play list... the strong beats are GREAT for a tough climb up a hill on my bike! 

Click on the link below to enjoy Bruno Mars, "Just the Way You Are."

Now that you have heard the song, I can share my GOALS FOR THE WEEK with you!  And here is where you get to play along.  I would LOVE for you to choose AT LEAST ONE of these 4 goals to accomplish this week... or feel free to do 2, 3 or all 4!  And I WANT YOU TO TELL ME ABOUT IT!  I have heard some people are having problems posting to the blog, so if you can't comment, send me an email at and I will post your comments here, for everyone else to be inspired by, too!

 1.  Listen to the song again... and imagine that Mr. Mars is singing to you.  YOU are amazing.  YOU are beautiful.  YOU are wonderful!  Add this song to the NEW and POSITIVE Soundtrack in your head...

2. Genuinely accept a compliment from your husband (or wife for you guys following along).  No back talk.  No self deprecating explanations.  Say, "Thank you," smile... and follow it up with a kiss... your guy (or gal) won't know what just happened!

3.  Lose 2 pounds.  After losing 7.2 pounds in the first 2 weeks, I need to be realistic that my body is going to have a "hiccup" soon... 2 pounds down is MUCH BETTER than 2 pounds up!

4.  SECRET WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT... I have a fun goal that will require a little bit of time... so best for the weekend.  I will post it on Friday... so choose one or more of the goals above... and/or wait for Friday...

Have a WONDERFUL day, everyone!!  PS - Thanks for asking... Yes... the shrimp taco recipe is coming... :-)