Monday, January 13, 2014

Year 3, Week 1 - Photos...

How many of you (I want to see a show of hands) have done this... You are going to start a new eating and exercise plan (notice I did not say "diet") on Monday, so you figure that Saturday and Sunday you should (actually, have a right to) eat all the things you know will be limited come Monday... and add several pounds to your bottom line because "I'm already bigger than I'm happy with, what's the harm...?"  HA!  For those of you that have done this (actually, haven't we all?)... make sure you don't take your starting photo ON SATURDAY MORNING before your last binges!!!  Yep, I took my first photo of the year last Saturday morning and then ate everything I wanted all weekend... and put on 3 pounds... AFTER taking the photo and logging my weight... AUGH!!
So how did I do on my first week back...?  Exercise - (2) small group weight training classes, (1) spin class, (1) swim (1 mile), and a 27 mile bike ride.  Back to (5) workouts/week - GREAT!  Eating... bringing in the calories... sensible breakfast, Lean Cuisine lunch, healthy snack, lots of water, and back to the Weight Watchers cookbooks.  Funny enough, my family LOVES when I break out the WW recipes!  The meals are always full of flavor and the portions are filling... even for the guys!  I am now planning dinner menus on the weekends so that when I get home from work, the recipes and ingredients for the week are ready... and of course, a secret!  The family can't wait to see what I come up with night after night!  Last week we had Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Florentine and Grilled Vegi Sandwiches... all around 4 points (or 200 calories).
OK... onto the bad news... the photos...
208.6 pounds
208.6 pounds

So, after the weekend eating, I ended up at 211.6 on Monday morning... REALLY!!?  It took all week, but I LOST 3 POUNDS this week... ending up at the same weight at last week, but alright.  Time to get back to business!
... and the new fun in this blog will be posted next... can you guess what would make "being my husband's girlfriend" even better...? ;-)

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