Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tri It Together...

(3) already in the water... could there be a more beautiful place for a
practice swim...? 
I have a friend who is a fellow athena triathlete (Hi, Susan!).  She found this blog and we Facebook friended because we have similar stories and she lives only about 30 minutes from me.  We met in person for the first time at the KOZ Events 2014 Spring Sprint Triathlon and have become "Accountability Buddies" online... posting our weekly workouts, our race schedules, and helping to keep each other motivated while we train, stay healthy, and get ready for our first 70.3 (Oceanside 2015!)

It sucks to train in San Diego... :-)
I saw Jeff running along the water and couldn't help but smile...
he's my best and cutest fan EVER! :-)
She hosts a group called, "Tri It Together" based out of Temecula and posts regular workouts for anyone to join on Meet Up.  Susan is doing her first International distance Tri in a few weeks at Tri-Rock and I read about a practice at the race site.  Although I'm not doing this race, I thought this would be a great workout, I'd make some new tri friends, and I would get a chance to ride with someone besides Jeff.  (SIDE NOTE... you all know I am a strong rider, but I am afraid of the road and my road riding reflects that.  With the start of my 70.3 training coming and the loss of any babysitter, I am going to join and start riding with the San Diego Tri Club, because Jeff and I are going to have to tag team watching Anna to get our long rides in.  I'm freaking out about riding with people I don't know and who don't know what a freak I am on my bike... on my rides, don't talk to me... I'm watching for potholes and glass and cracks and debris and CARS... I'm trying not to get hit... and trying not to crash on the downhills...and it may take me longer to descend than to climb!)  Needless to say... I was excited, but very nervous, about this workout!

Part of the Tri It Together Group for the day... some came to swim,
some came to swim/bike, or run or whatever... the support team was there for everyone!
Afterward... can I just say, this group is AWESOME!  Great people... different levels... everyone waiting for and supporting each other!  We did about a 1,500 meter swim at Spanish Landing.  I LOVED doing an open water swim with NO BODY AROUND ME!  No kicking, pushing, being hit, no air because everyone is splashing on you... just a few of us and the swim!  I was 4th in the water and 1st out! :-)  A very comfortable swim and about 400 meters short of the 70.3 distance... I've got the swim at Oceanside covered!

The 18 mile bike turned into 25 miles... and except for the first 4 (and last 4) miles of the ride that were full of traffic and tourists, the ride was AWESOME!  I felt so comfortable with this group (I hope that is normal and I will find a SD Tri Club group just as great)... no worries... just a wonderful ride!

Jeff and Anna did their thing... riding their bikes to a local Starbucks for breakfast and then a group of us ended up at Cafe Coyote in Old Town for a WONDERFUL lunch... getting to know new people...what they do... why they tri... what a FANTASTIC day!!!

This was my first "club" tri experience and it could not have been better.  Here's hoping my new group will be just as awesome!!!

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