Sunday, May 13, 2012

Amazing weekend... and finally, PHOTOS!

204.6 pounds
197 pounds

Yes, Dad... it has been 5 weeks since I've posted photos.  And after mysteriously losing weight after going back to work, the weight seemed to find it's way back.  I'm going through so many changes... back to work... LONG work hours... up at 5AM to get to the gym... starting small group weight training for the first time... working weekends... trying to find time for the most basic family responsibilities... and the guilt that goes along with all of that.

In the past 5 weeks, I went from 194.6 to 203... about a 9 pound weight gain.  Yeah, I've been feeling like crud!  Then this week happened.  Again, I'm not sure what I'm doing right or wrong, but it feels like my body is throwing a "hissy fit" with all these changes. 

The one funny thing... I'm now in size 12 clothes, and they are still fitting like a glove!  I gained almost 10 pounds, but my clothes didn't change in fit AT ALL... that is just WEIRD!

I almost look like a real cyclist... now I just have to learn
how to go downhill... without putting on the brakes...
Mother's Day... Jeff surprised me at 6:30AM with a BRAND NEW CYCLING JERSEY!  We were up and getting ready for a ride and Jeff shared this surprise with me... even better... IT FIT!  It is from this cool store in Encinitas called, "Pink Peloton"... a store devoted to clothes and accessories for female triathletes.  I can't wait to see this place myself!!!

Gloria (fellow Graphic 45 Design Team member), Sherry and me!
And, yes... I took some time for myself this weekend (thank you , Sweetheart!)  You might know that I have done some scrapbook design, teaching, writing, etc... and that I stopped scrapping over a year ago.  Yesterday, I was THRILLED to take a mixed art media class at Ever After Scrapbooks from Australia's own Sherry Mendoza.  I met Sherry over a year ago when she was in California and she was responsible for getting a project of mine published back in January in the #1 Scrapbook magazine in Australia, "Scrapbooking Memories."  This class helped me fall back in love with "getting my hands dirty" and I hope to have time soon to do some more design work!

Jeff also treated us to a fantastic lunch at the Irish Pub in town, "O'Sullivan's," and some family shopping time at the mall... then, of course, back to work this afternoon, but it was all worth it!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my family and wonderful friends!


Gloria Stengel said...

Hey, I know those girls. hee hee It was so fun to see you again and take a messy, arty class!

Sherry said...

lol this was so much fun, it was great to see you again!!! xxx Can't wait till next time!