Monday, July 9, 2012

"Wicked" Afternoon...

Our sweet bug... and her darling Daddy!
We finally enjoyed a fun afternoon... I only had to work in the morning and the early evening, but the middle of the day was AWESOME! :-)  Anna is TOTALLY into musicals at the moment.  "Phantom of the Opera" is her favorite show and she can recited almost every line and sing every song.  So... for her birthday a few weeks ago, we found out that "Wicked" was playing at the Civic Center in San Diego and decided we had to take her to see her first big production.  We took her to see the Russian Ballet perform "The Nutcracker" a few years ago and, even at that young age, she loved it.

In the lobby after the show.
Of course, the performance was amazing!  Although it was a Sunday matinĂ©e, we still made a big deal about dressing up... we pre-ordered our intermission drinks and snacks and arrived to find a table reserved for "J. Locher..." with our treats perfectly laid out for us... and were giggling to ourselves as Anna chatted away in the backseat on the way home about her favorite scenes, songs, and details of the show.

We "Couldn't be Happier" to enjoy this "Popular" show with our little bug that "Dances Through Life" by "Defying Gravity" and lifts our spirits every day, "For Good!" :-)  (sorry... I couldn't resist!)

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