Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st Photos in 2.5 months...

Let's get right to it, shall we...

Yes, I've gained 1.8 pounds in the past 7 weeks... however...

September 5, 2011
199.8 pounds
Almost a year later...
198.8 pounds
In the past year, I haven't lost any numbers... except INCHES!  You can see it in my belly... in my back... and I can feel it in my arms!  I started "Boot Camp Weight Training" in a small group, which includes TRX, cardio weights, boot camp... in the past 4 months I have been training with Paula, I haven't been through the same workout twice!  I've hit the point where the numbers on the scale, although still important, are not the main story.  With the weight training, I'm losing inches, fitting in my clothes and looking much better.  My goal now is to get into - and be comfortable - in a size 9.  I've already gone from size 20 to 12... I'm getting closer and closer!!!  Here are the changes in my inches in the past year...

Right upper arm...     13.25" to 13.00"
Left upper arm...        13.00" to 12.00"
Bust...                         44.75" to 44.00"
Chest...                       38.00" to 38.00"
                                       Waist...                        38.50" to 39.25" (huh?)                            
Hips...                         43.75" to 44.00"
Right Thigh...             22.50" to 22.25"
Left Thigh...               22.25" to 21.50"
Right Calf...               16.00" to 15.75"
Left Calf...                 16.00" to 15.50"

The overall journey takes time.  I hope that sharing my journey shows that.  Keep working.  Follow your journey.  And you will reach your goals!

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