Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Christmas Gift...

Merry Christmas!!! We had a wonderful holiday... until we got food poisoning at midnight on Christmas night (hey... silver lining on a miserable day... I lost between 5-7 pounds that day!) I will share some photos shortly, but I wanted to share the most amazing gift that Jeff gave me for Christmas.

Triathlons cost a lot of money... entry fees, equipment, shoot... just the GU and Cliff Blocks to get me through my workouts cost a small fortune.  Money is getting tight, and with the "Fiscal Cliff" looming, my triathlon costs could very easily become "deleted discretionary spending line items" in our family budget.  It means so much to know that Jeff feels as strongly about the importance of my training/weight loss/confidence to him... as it does to me... then again... he is reaping the benefits... isn't he... :-)

This is the main gift I received from Jeff this year... (and I LOVE the Tri Santa!)...

Thank you, my sweet husband!  I look forward to making "the guy that sleeps next to me" proud this race season!

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