Monday, December 10, 2012

... Best in San Diego...

... according to KOZ Events, I won the 2012 First Place Title for the San Diego Triathlon Points Series, in the Athena 40+ category.  Last night Jeff and I attended the awards dinner for the annual points series and had such a wonderful evening.  Sitting in a room with the best triathletes in the San Diego series was sooooooo incredibly inspirational.  We had a chance to meet several of the other winners and hear their stories, because everyone that does a triathlon has a story. 
At our table was "Bill."  He changed age groups mid season and won awards for the 70-74 and the 75-79 age group categories.  He started doing triathlons as his 65th birthday present because AARP sent him some information about a "senior only triathlon."  He figured the fact that it fell on his birthday was a sign, and here he is... 10 years later and racing in 8-10 triathlons a year.

I also met "Troy" who won the 50-54 age group title... and is about to compete at Ironman Cabo San Lucas... and he went to Mission Viejo High School at the same time Jeff was there... what a small world.
Seeing triathaletes from 12 years old to 85+ was unbelievable and a reminder that all you have to do is put your mind to it and YOU CAN DO IT... yes, I must admit that being a triathlete is not only time consuming, but takes a hit out of your wallet... after all, you need equipment for (3) different sports (and all the fun stuff that goes with it!)  At the end of the day, it didn't matter that I was an Athena last night... I was a local triathlon winner and I could not be more proud and excited about 2013... oh, and Jeff... yeah... he was glowing, too! :-) 
Looks like almost everyone from last night is heading to La Quinta for the Desert International in March... I already have my reservations... and THIS YEAR... I will stand on that podium (as I try as hard as I can to block last year's hydration malfunction!)  Here we go!

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