Thursday, May 2, 2013

... so... I kidnapped Jeff...

Perfect day off!
... right out of his office.  He has been saying that we need a day off, and since there is no good time for a day off, I decided to just book it in the middle of the week and go!

For those of you that don't think it is possible... MAKE... IT... HAPPEN!  Trust me! ;-)

We left the office about 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon and were back at the office by noon on Thursday...

... and those 22.5 hours were AWESOME!

It doesn't matter who initiates it, do something fun... unexpected... like you used to do when you dated.  Believe me, the benefits are well worth it!

When we checked in, we told the staff that I "kidnapped" my boss/husband
for a much needed day off... and they decided to give
us the Honeymoon Suite...
... and it was AWESOME! ;-)

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