Sunday, May 12, 2013

AMGEN Tour of California... WOOO HOOO!

Jeff about to do the AMGEN pre-tour ride in 2006 with Bruce Jenner.
I learned how to ride a bike when I was a kid...

... and as I grew up, I had no idea there was something called a "professional bike race..."

... until I started dating Jeff.

My husband doesn't watch Sunday Night Football or much basketball or hockey
Dave and Jeff at the start of the ride in 2006.
(except for the Superbowl... we watch commercials... or if a local team is in the playoffs, we'll watch some highlights)

... Jeff has been a tour bike race spectator for over 30 years.  So much so that during our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, we stood at the TV and sometimes had to hold the rabbit ears to watch the one station that was following the Tour de France that year.

8 years ago, California started a Tour Race... the AMGEN Tour of California.  In 2006, right after Jeff finished chemo, he decided to do the pre-ride before the Tour that was a cancer fundraiser.  It is funny looking back, because Bruce Jenner, olympic athlete, but known at the time as the new star of "The Kardashinas," started off the ride.

I've been following races and cheering/jeering along with Jeff for the past 13 years.  There has been a lot of cycling ups and downs since then, but this is a FANTASTIC sport and we can't wait to follow along with this year's race again...

... here are some photos of the Tour setting up in downtown Escondido... knowing that the best in the world are HERE and racing on our streets is AMAZING! 
VIP Tents setting up on Grand
The stage and podium.

The "Joor Muffler" got a cycling
jersey and cap for the Tour. :-)
I love this murial that was created for the Tour.

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