Sunday, September 15, 2013

... no weight gain with injury... and fun new tri site...

YEAH!  One good piece of news after a week without any cardio... no weight gain!  I've been pretty freaked out that my weight would start going up while I've been out of commission, but I'm the same weight that I was 4 weeks ago.

I was planning to swim to get in my cardio this week, but Jeff wanted me to take the week off, so I did... and then the pool at the Y went down this weekend, so I've had a few extra days off that I wasn't planning.  Still no game plan for the knee and 3 weeks until my last tri of the season.

While I figure things out, check out this new blog that I found (well actually, the writer found me and I checked out her blog.)  Lisa is on a similar journey... weight issues, confidence, learning about and fears of triathlons... her writing is honest and hysterical.  While reading her recent posts, I kept saying, "YES, I feel the same way!"  Her first triathlon is next week and I can't wait to see how she documents that special day!  Good luck, Lisa!