Monday, December 8, 2014

Athena of the Year - New Photos...

Kim, Catherine, Rick and Me... the kick butt Athenas and our Race Director
That title sounds pretty good, doesn't it!? ;-)  It sure does make me feel good!  Last night was the annual Awards Banquet for the Koz Events Triathlon Series.  For the 2nd time in (3) years, I was thrilled to take home the 1st Place Athena (over 40) Triathlete award!!!  It was a fun event, nice dinner, and great company.  Jeff and I enjoyed our evening with Catherine and Kim, the rest of the Athena (over 40) podium!  As Rick Koz pointed out last night, every triathlete has a story, and Jeff and I love getting to hear the stories of other triathletes.

We all received our medals and a special glass...
for whatever you might want to add to it... ;-)

It is also time to face the music with my weight loss (or in this case, gain.)  I have taken it very easy for the past (2) months getting ready for my Ironman training to start... add that with Thanksgiving and, well, I've added a bit to me.  So, who comes to the rescue but my triathlon group, Tri-It Together, who is doing a weight loss challenge THROUGH the holidays.  It started today and runs through Christmas and New Years.  A simple but brilliant idea that I need as my official Ironman training starts tomorrow. (It actually started today, but Monday is the one rest day a week.)  WARNING... the following photos are not so good... but what IS good is I start kicking those pounds in the morning!

208.4 (ouch!)
208.4 time to make those
fat cells CRY! ;-)

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Stephanie Realsen said...

Tracey you look fabulous! congratulations on your achievements! Very inspiring :)