Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 1 70.3 Training and Photos...

Week #1 of 14 of my training for Oceanside 70.3 is done.  I did every workout except (1).  Sunday, I was supposed to do a 20-mile bike ride and passed due to pain in my knee after Saturday's 6-mile run.  I don't plan to make a habit of skipping workouts, but at the very start, after doing (5) workouts in a row (which I haven't done in months), I listened to my body and rested a bit.

208.4 pounds
205.2 pounds
Today was also the reporting day for Week #1 of our triathlon's group Holiday Weight Loss Challenge.  In typical holiday fashion, this week I made it through (2) banquets and (1) night out with friends... and STILL lost 3.2 pounds!  Another reason why this is the perfect time for a Weight Loss Challenge!  If I wasn't part of this Challenge, I would easily have put on (3) pounds with all of that great food!  Some of my tri group friends read my blog, so I can't say where I placed (yes, Dad, I know they could do the math below)... but out of (16) competitors, after the first week... I can say I'm doing pretty well! ;-)

Time to go make dinner, do some laundry, finish addressing the Christmas cards, get Mom the list of details for Christmas Eve/Christmas, and start wrapping... and get some sleep for training week #2 to start. 

There is a reason that I love to Swim/Bike/Run...

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