Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oceanside 70.3 Week #8... half way...

There were some big waves on Sunday... almost to the safe spot!
I could feel someone watching us swim! :-)  Jeff was on the pier and a guy
standing next to him said, "Are those people swimming down there?"  Jeff
replied, "Yes, that is my wife!" :-)
I just realized that I have reached the half way point in my training for Oceanside 70.3... hummmmm... this is an interesting place to be.  It feels as if I have been training for months (I guess, reality is that I've been training for five years to be strong/confident enough to train for a 70.3)... and it still seems like I have a long way to go.  Week #7 of training was AWESOME!  Last week I felt strong!  I ran 10 miles on Saturday at an 11:00 minute per mile average and was THRILLED!  That average included my running, walking, water breaks and energy (GU) breaks.   I know I'm going to be doing a bunch of walking during the half marathon (and will probably also be adding in a potty break), getting enough fluids and energy and as long as I average 13 minutes per mile during the race, I'll make the time cut off.  After the run, I came into the house and I was cheering and yelling... so much so that my son said, "Mom, I think you have a runner's high going on..."  I started giggling because that is EXACTLY how I felt! 

Swim in or try again... swim in or try again... I swam for it!
Sunday, Jeff and I joined the Tri-It Together group for a swim around the Oceanside pier (Jeff took the photos of the swim) and a 50 mile ride from the Oceanside pier to the San Clemente pier and back.  Special thanks to the Carlsbad Open Water Swimming Group and especially Kurt, who gave up his workout to guide we nervous swimmers around the pier!  It was a long weekend of training, but it felt SOOOO GOOD!  My goal for the bike part of the 70.3 is an average of 14 MPH.  I hit 13.9 during this ride...

I LOVE this Tri Group!  Too bad the views from this ride totally sucked... ;-)
... and I still have 8 more weeks to train. :-)

As long as God helps to keep me healthy and injury free, I... SO... TOTALLY... HAVE... THIS! (and mechanical free on race day... Amen!)

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