Friday, February 6, 2015

O-side Week #9... New Seat... Time Trials... ONE-DERLAND!

WOW, what a WEEK (posting late so this is last week's review)!  For the 2nd week, training has been great... feeling strong... actually looking forward to the 4:45AM alarm so I can get to the gym... this really has to be some sort of training high that I'm feeling!  This week was about time trials...

SWIM - Saturday was a long swim that included a 1,200 meter time trial. I have only been in the water (4) times since October and this was my first timed 1,200 since last year's Desert International (10 months ago)... and it was by far my FASTEST EVER!!!  It still amazes me what strength training has done for my swim... and a good thing since I pulled my swim time out of my schedule to add in strength training. :-)

BIKE - For the past year or so, I have been having a lot of pain on my bike... lower back and girly part pain.  This past summer, I started using a chamois cream (Buttonhole) and it has made a good difference, but still too much back pain.  Jeff has been telling me that I am a racer now and that I can't (and that he is embarrased for me) keep riding on a beach cruiser seat on my Orbea.  So, I (my under regions) was measured and we bought a female bike seat.  Sunday was the first go round on the seat and it was a time trial on Fiesta Island - 20 miles.  I can tell you that I never knew what "sit bones" were, but now I TOTALLY  know... because they hurt!  The new seat and position are really cool and I'm hoping with a bit more time on the new saddle the bones will stop feeling like someone hit me with a 2 x 4 down there!  Even with playing around with my position on the new saddle, this TT was my FASTEST EVER!

RUN - After the bike TT, I grabed my run gear and ran 2.5 miles and funny enough... FASTER THAN MY RACE PACE!  I actually thought that I was going pretty slow, but I couldn't believe it when I checked my watch!

ONE-DERLAND - I have been doing a weight loss challenge with my Tri group for the past 8 weeks... YEP... straight through the holidays.  I am happy to report that I lost 8.8 pounds in (8) weeks and am officially back in ONE-derland!!!  I do have more to ponder with the amount of training that I'm doing, cutting calories, and ONLY losing about a pound a week... something seems a bit strange there, but I'm still trying to figure that out. 

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