Monday, September 19, 2011

Wine Tasting, YMCA 50's Event, and MUSIC DAY!

Jeff and I just had a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!  And, can I just say for the record... when YOU feel CONFIDENT and SEXY in your own skin, EVERYTHING IS MORE FUN!!! 

Me, Briony (YMCA Fitness Director) and Kelli (YMCA Fitness Coordinator)
and ONE... HOT... CAR!
First, I volunteered for the annual fundraiser at the Palomar YMCA... this year, a 50's themed event... SOOOO... MUCH... FUN!!!  Here are a few photos at the event (Jeff stayed home to have a "Daddy/Daughter Night" with Anna while I volunteered...)

The most AWESOME trainer EVER, Laura... and me... 50's gals and loving it!
The next morning, we got up at 6AM to go on a 22 mile bike ride before going on a limo ride to the Temecula Wine Country with a few friends.  I must admit... I am not much of a wine drinker... I like drinks with umbrellas and fruit.  But, Jeff LOVES wine and we had a FANTASTIC afternoon at a few local wineries...
Mary Beth, Jeff, Me, Jeff, Mindy... ohhhhhh, and our LIMO!
This would be called a "Jeff Sandwich"... at the "Monte de Oro" Winery...
less than 2 years old... what a beautiful and AWESOME place!  Check it out!

The "Loch-mans"   Tracey and Jeff Locher and Mindy and Jeff Seltmann...
Best friends and soooooo much fun at "virgin" wine tasting at "Falkner!"
It has been awhile since I did a fun MUSIC DAY, and, although I'm not a fan of red wine, Jeff is... SOOOO, there is only 1 song that fits... "Red Wine" by Bob Marley (covered by UB40)... yeah...! :-)  Check out the song over to the right... the place where we "change the soundtrack in our heads!" Make it a FANTASTIC DAY!

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