Monday, November 28, 2011

Photos... I'm Back...

Yes, it has been a month since I posted photos...AUGH!  I can't tell you the rollercoaster that my weight has been on since my colonoscopy!  I have been going up 6-7 pounds every few days... then right back down again... FOR THE PAST 4 WEEKS! My Dad asked why I hadn't posted photos and I told him my reason... then he said, "Up or down, aren't the weekly photos part of the process?"  Yes, my Dad is a very wise man... and perhaps I could have stopped the rollercoaster sooner had I sucked it up and posted photos.  So, back on track...



And I must say... for Thanksgiving week, I will take a 2.4 pound increase.  I hope being accountable will help me inch closer and closer to 190!!!  Heck... I am still down over 50 pounds since my heaviest... I need to take a "chill pill" and relax... I'll probably drop weight like crazy... ;-)  Make it a FANTASTIC day!!!

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