Sunday, March 24, 2013

New life... New inspiration...

Roger and Stephanie, Me and Jeff, Gina and Mike, Gary (Julie sick) and Suzie!
This has been an incredible weekend!

(back story)... my best friend in high school's name is "Mike..."

... for years I've been touching bases, doing what any good "girl-that-is-a-friend" would do, and asking him about his dating situation.  He is now an attorney... an Ironman on (6) continents (I take full credit for that!)... and did a ton of volunteer coaching for "Team In Training."  I've heard about the good and the bad for the past 25 years.

This past Christmas, Mike's Mom wrote me a special note in the family Christmas card... "Save your weekends in March, because something BIG is happening!"  Of course, I called her immediatly to find out that Mike was involved with a special someone and that he was going to propose shortly... and that there would be a party to introduce this special gal to all of us... which was this weekend...
Gina and Mike... could they BE any cuter?

Saturday was the most wonderful day... catching up with some very special friends that I had not seen in 25 years... and finding out that the whole group of us either do triathlons or some part of it.

... which leads me to a competition... that you all know I HATE... :-) ...  after much discussion and a few beers, it looks like we are putting together a reunion relay triathlon competition.  How crazy is that... catching up with friends after 25 years, we are in a place that we have been training and can race in a triathlon.

I have been struggling with my inspriation for racing this season, but knowing that my 25th High School Reunion is right around the corner and that some of my high school buddies want to race with me... and against me... I can't tell you how motivated I am to KICK SOME MVHS BUTT!!! :-) 

... and of course, congrats to Mike and Gina...

... those special feelings that start at the top of our head, down through our fingertips and burst out through our toes... there are so many moments that started it all... and Jeff and I  are THRILLED to be a part of that "first moment" for Gina and Mike!

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