Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SDIT 2013 - Race Report

Could there BE a more beautiful place for a 7AM swim?  I was
4th out of the water in this group, so I'm right up there...
First off, I... LOVE... THIS... RACE!  It is local... it is beautiful... and a great course with lots of fantastic volunteers! 

Pre-race - I was feeling ready and very excited for this race... even though the weather called for exessive heat warnings.  It was in the mid-80's and high humidity at the coast when we were picking up our race materials the day before the race with the temps expected to increase race day.  I prepared to take my own hydration (camel back on the bike and a bottle for the run... all frozen with ice the night before) to be sure I was OK for the race.  I should have known that KOZ totally increased the water stations from the year before... I think I counted (6) water stations, where there were only (2) the year before.

Race Day - When we arrived at the race at 5:45AM, it was already almost 70 degrees... but by race time, the weather had changed!  It remained overcast, but the wind started blowing.  When we were up at Cabrillo National Monument on the bike, the clouds were blowing across the road... it looked like we were riding into the clouds... actually, I guess we were! :-)  When we got to the flat seaside run, the wind was howling.  It felt like I was running in a wind tunnel.  Yes, it was cool!  But the headwind was a challenge! 

Alright... enough of the chatter... it is time for the photos to tell this story...
6:30AM... it was already so warm that Anna
was in shorts as I was about to jump into the water.
This photo tells it all... TOTAL SHOCK as I came out of the water! 
Wooooo Hoooooo!
I had some tech issues with the bike and knew
I was 10 minutes off my goal... had to pick it up!
The wind killed me on the run... although I ran more (walked less) and felt
better on the run this year.
Anna made us a cool sign... and is showing here how hard the wind
was blowing... she didn't have to hold her sign, the wind held it for her.
Me and Briony... PHEW...It's over! :-)
Our Palomar YMCA racers... love having a "gym" to train at that
comes along with a family to race with!
At the finish line, Anna (dog lover) met a new 180 pound friend!
WINNERS!  I took 2nd just behind Paul Torres... I beat her by 10 minutes
on the swim, she beat me by 10 minutes on the run... our transitions
were pretty equal.  It KILLS me that my mechanical issues on the bike
cost me this race!  AUGH!!!  :-)  Onto the next race!

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