Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Accountable buddy...

One of the first posts that my accountability partner sent to me!
And, sooooooo true!

I don't know if I have said that enough.  The cross training sport of traithlon has helped me lose 50 pounds, is giving me back my confidence, and has introduced me to an INCREDIBLE group of athletes that are supportive and inspiring... no matter if you are racing against them or not... triathletes are a WONDERFUL group of people. 

My last post was of my training plan for this next week.  As soon as I posted it, I got a message from a fellow triathlete.  She sent me her training plan for the week and we became "accountable buddies."  She even started a Facebook page so we can touch bases and encourage each other each day.  WE... ALL... NEED... ACCOUNTABLE... BUDDIES!  It could be your spouce, a relative, a friend... or ALL OF THE ABOVE!  I think that the more people that are watching for you... supporting you... that you need to be accountable to... the better!  Although most of the triathlon journey is training/diet and mental, the accountability part is what really makes it happen!

Set your goals at the start of every week...
... make sure that someone is keeping you on track...
... you will rock your own world!!!

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