Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Sprint Eve...

I've packed breakfast for Anna and Jeff and their chairs along with my
race pack... have to take care of my personal "photog team!" ;-)
... as Anna calls the day before any special event, the "[event] eve," tonight is the Spring Sprint Eve!  The shortest race of the year for me, but a good one!  Anna asked me today, "So tomorrow is your easiest race of the year because it is the shortest?"  I explained that it is the shortest, but that means I have to go faster than normal... my long distance pace is a bit slower than a sprint, so this race is GO, GO, GO... no time for rest or to breathe! 

Good news is that we didn't see an jellies in the water today... we had to swim with them last year.  And a fun new thing for this year is our name on our number/bib.  Time for me to get to bed... up at 3AM because I am the first wave start and with the elites again tomorrow (really... elites and clydesdales/athenas going together... OK...)  HERE...WE...GO!

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