Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jeff's 1st Race Report (and he ROCKED it!)

No way am I going to hide the results of Jeff's race... he did AWESOME.  But there is a bit of catching up I have to do first.  Going back a few weeks... February 12th - Jeff's beloved Uncle Paul passed.  Uncle Paul was one of a kind... heart of gold... loved to tell stories and would always start with, "Tell me if I've already told you this one."  Many times he had, but we would never stop him.  He had the gift of gab... he loved to stop strangers on the street, chat with waitresses ("Do you have a good looking, single grandmother?"), in fact we joked for a few weeks that we weren't sure if Uncle Paul had made it up to Heaven yet because he was probably still talking to all of the people on the way up! :-)  We traveled to Rochester Hills, Michigan for the services and to say goodbye.

Jeff just crossing the start line... I guess he heard us cheering for him! :-)
A few hours after we returned from Michigan, the phone rang again, and my Aunt Mary passed.  She was a very loving and special soul that I'm sure already had one foot through the Pearly Gates as she took her last breath.  A few days later was her beautiful service and the next morning we left town for the Desert International Tri. I will post my race story next (which includes several firsts as I'm sure I had two special angels helping me to fly through the course!)  But THIS post is to tell Jeff's story.

A few notes before I let the photos tell the story...  I've told you before that Jeff is a cyclist, so the 9 mile bike was going to be a breeze for him.  Although Jeff didn't train for the swim, he was confident he could do the 150 meters in the pool without a problem.  The only part that he was concerned about was the run.  He had never run 3 miles before, and he didn't train for this race due to time issues (work and long training bike rides with me) and because of the neuropathy in his feet.  We both knew he could do it, we just didn't know how long it would take... and more importantly, how much it would hurt him.

This was a reverse triathlon at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena... 3.1 mile run... 9.3 mile bike... 150 meter swim. Jeff was sure he could do it under 1 hour 30 minutes. I was sure he could do it under 1:20... photos, take it away...
Early morning started at 3AM... 2 hour drive and we are ready to get
this party started!!!  On a side note, Jeff lost one of his contacts a few days
before the race... and didn't have a current prescription... meaning glasses and no
sun protection on race day! (AUGH!)
Jeff is wearing his newest jersey... from the local bike shop in Uncle Paul's town.
Sorry boys, you have to post your age by December 31st of the race year...
No nerves here... Jeff and Dave playing
around at the start line.

At the end of the run... he had never run 3.1 miles
before and did it in 33:13... WITHOUT foot pain!
Although I said the bike would be easy for him,
he was weaving through the tight race lane and pushing hard!
Looking good... elbow up... legs stretched... AWESOME!
A tradition started 5 years ago with parking lot Mimosas
and fresh strawberries... the triathletes!

Jeff finished in 1:15 and in the top 40% overall for his first tri... and without any training on the swim or run!!!  After the race, Jeff kept saying, "I did it!"  "I did it!"  Not in a bragging type of way.  Not in a surprised type of way.  But in a "I'm proud of myself... and I liked it" kinda way.  Even this morning, a week later, he looked at his finisher's medal and said, "I did that!"  He makes me smile because I know exactly how he feels.  When I asked if he would do another triathlon, he said, "I'm not going to get as crazy about triathlons as you are, but I will do more."  Yeah... let's see what distance Jeff is up to in 5 years... ;-)  Congrats, my Sweet Husband.  You are a TRIATHLETE!

FLASHBACK...5 years ago, Dave challenged Jeff to do a triathlon with him. 
Jeff passed, but I thought that would be fun.  I had lost my 1st 20 pounds, had a bike
to borrow and thought "what the heck!?"  Thank you, Dave! :-)

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