Thursday, March 26, 2015

Race Week - Down to 2 DAYS!

Jeff bought me this medal hanger for Christmas.
This week we moved the triathlon medals (left)
from the marathons/half mar. (right)
The spot in between is for Saturday's medal. ;-)
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!  Two days to go and the Athlete's Village opened today down in Oceanside.  Friends have been posting photos this afternoon of their race numbers, swim caps, wristbands (all requested, of course, since I can't get down there until tomorrow.)  Emails and Facebook posts have been flying with last minute questions, advice from those that have been there before, and pretty much freak outs from we first time 70.3'ers.  I have to admit that all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding this race has been so much fun... the months of training, increasing miles and stamina, getting closer and planning logistics, the unbelievable support and fun from my tri club (Hi, Tri It Together Family!!!!)... I have totally been sucked into the fun, have tried to stay cool, calm and collected, but HOLY COW!  I'M DOING A HALF IRONMAN IN ABOUT 36 HOURS!  Time to pack my tri bag and get my bike (have Jeff get my bike) ready because I am going to rack the day before the race for the first time... getting the house ready because Mom and Dad are coming overnight... figure out parking/race morning timeframe... gathering details for the family to get to the site and to the tent to cheer everyone on... still wondering if I'm ready... scratch that, I know I'm ready... what about hydration (it will be hot)... carbo loading without meat on a Friday during Lent... race morning food - racing with the big boys - and when/where can I use the restroom during the race...? 

Hummm... does that sound a bit scatter brained...? 

(deep breath)...

Nope.  I'm ready!  Tomorrow... check in!

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