Friday, March 6, 2015

Jeff's Big Day is coming...

Do you see my happy trifecta?  Timing chip...
wedding ring... big smile!  I love you, Jeff!
I need to catch up... the past few weeks have been very hard due to family issues I will share shortly.  In the meantime, tomorrow, my sweet husband will race his first triathlon.  Just so happens that my first tri was the Rose Bowl Tri in 2010... same race that he will be doing tomorrow.  I can hardly wait to be the cheerleader, driver, photog, support system for him that he is always for me!  To be clear, he is one of my athletic inspirations... cycling for over 40 years and he rides with me... at my pace... for my training... because he thinks I'm cute... I'm going with the cute part... :-)

Good Luck, my Sweet Husband!!!

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