Monday, January 31, 2011

You are NOT GOING TO BELIEVE week 2 photos...

The end of week 2 and what do we have...

Dessert at The Palm... let's start at the beginning...
I know, I know... you want to see my pictures... and you want to know how I did this week.  First, I have to share what I did yesterday... the day before weigh-in... the reason that I have scheduled weigh-in every Monday morning so that I HAVE to be good each weekend.

Some of you know that I am a scrapbook designer.  I currently design for two different companies who manufacture scrapbooking/papercrafting supplies.  When the companies develop new products, they ship the products to their Design Team members, who in turn create projects/samples the company will use to promote their new products at shows, in print... with the media in general.  My other blog, "Wooooo Hooooo" is all about my design work, new products and product review, tutorials and lots of other fun scrappy kinda things.

Yesterday, one of the companies I design for, Graphic 45, invited me (and fellow designer, Gloria) to attend one of the biggest shows for our industry of the year... "CHA..." (you can see more information about the show on "Wooooo Hooooo.")  So, what does this have to do with weight loss and bringing my "sexy back?"  Let me summarize...

Up at 5:45AM... pick up Gloria at 7:45AM
BREAKFAST:  Coffee (made at home with fat free milk)
 instead of my regular "road coffee"... a Venti Carmel Frap.  GOOD!
We still went to Starbucks and I got an Artisan Egg Sandwich (350 cal., 18 fat grams, 8 WW points)  BAD!  I should have gotten up 15 minutes earlier and eaten at home.
Arrive at CHA at 9:30AM
Lunch at LA Convention Center Food Court at 1PM
LUNCH:  Turkey sandwich on wheat roll. No sides. Small Coke (I needed my CAFFINE!)  GOOD!  With as hungry and exhausted as I already was, passing by the grill with fresh hamburgers, french fries, pizza, chips and all that other crap, I was proud I ate just the sandwhich!
Snacks... NOPE!  Sipping on my water all day.
Graphic 45 owner, Diane Schultz treated her Design Team and staff to the most wonderful dinner!  How did I handle the tantalizing trays of the most incredible food?  Soft and steaming fresh bread basket?  Creamed spinach, calamari, crab cakes, and the 10,000 desert calories in the photo above...?

I enjoyed a bite or two each of the appetizers... (not a whole plate)
I didn't TOUCH the bread... (I know I couldn't have stopped with just a bite)
I had some of the delicious Caeser salad... (not a whole salad)
I ordered sauteed shrimp (light sauce, no cream, no breading)
I had two bites of carrot cake and tiramisu (not a whole plate)
and 2 cups of black coffee with fat free milk to help me drive the 3 hours home...(not a latte)

Could I have been better... eaten cleaner/fewer calories... SURE!  But that is not what this whole weight loss experiment is about.  It is about managing my food consumption in a way that I CAN CONTINUE for long term weight loss and maintenance, not just a quick few pounds off and a few quick pounds on.  I had THE MOST WONDERFUL DINNER and instead of eating everything in sight and feeling stuffed and guilty, I IMMENSLY enjoyed the food that I ate and, instead of worrying about calories, I sat back and enjoyed my dinner companions... great stories... fun people... good food... no guilt!

(((  insert angels singing "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa" here )))

So... wondering what a 7.2 pound weight loss looks like...

237 pounds

229.8 pounds

As I look at these photos, I am in tears... HAPPY tears!!!  I had no idea that 7.2 pounds would make this much of a difference... watch out...

See you tomorrow for MUSIC DAY and the posting of my
goals for the week (this is where YOU GET TO PLAY ALONG!!!)


Gloria Stengel said...

Good going! That dessert was amazing, but I am happy to only have had 0a bite of each item. I did have one piece of bread, but only a tiny bit of appetizer. I felt so proud of myself. I was satisfied, but not stuffed! I lost a pound for the week. I am down 9 lbs over 4 weeks. Now I need to get my move on!!!!! High five, girlie! You are doing great!

Tracey Locher said...

SERIOUSLY, Gloria... yesterday was a TOTAL CHALLENGE... 19 hours away from home... 3 meals... snacks... and a FANTASIC dinner at The Palm... one day at a time... one event at a time... one meal at a time... 9 pounds... GO, Gloria!

Melissa D. said...

Way to go! Love the little bites idea! Keep it up!

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

I admire your strong mindedness Tracey. Wish you all the best with the weight loss.

I lost all the weight i pup on having the babe but too many missed meals and snacking on biscuits have caught up. Weight watchers for me on Thursday.

Toni said...

WOW Tracey...I can really notice the weight you've lost. Your face has thinned down and your tummy is thinner too. Way to go, Idaho !!!! (Toy Story line)