Tuesday, August 30, 2011

100th post... Life Moment - Moving our son to college...

WOW!  It still feels like I just started this "girlfriend" journey and all of a sudden I'm writing my 100th post!  Last week, the day after our century ride, we drove for 10+ hours to take our son, Chris, to Arizona for college.  YEP, we now have a LUMBERJACK in the family! :-)  We planned to spend a few days with Chris in Sedona, Arizona before moving him to Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the three of us had a wonderful time!  it was probably the best bonding time that we have had with Chris in a loooooooong time... no deadlines... no stress... no football, basketball, swim, mountain bike or golf practices/fundraising/games... no fighting with siblings... just the three of us... and it was AWESOME!

We stayed at the Los Abrigados Resort and Spa and LOVED it!  Sedona... OH... MY... GOSH... this place is BEAUTIFUL!  The red rocks, the community that was built to "blend in" to the natural landscape, the art sculptures that are displayed everywhere... WOW!  For now I am going to leave you with a few photos of our time with Chris and the day we moved him onto campus... more on Sedona in the next post when we spent several days... just the two of us... being eachother's girlfriend and boyfriend... ;-)  Enjoy.

There are sculptures EVERYWHERE... this donkey was
made of wire... sooo cool!

Jeff in the "ROCK-ing Chair" in the Sculpture Garden...
That is our balcony behind Jeff...
Chris and me at the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Look below for a photo
of the BEAUTIFUL church built into the red rocks...

AWE - MAZ - ING!  Great photo, Jeff!

Up at the Airport Road sunset lookout... WOW!

Us at sunset... thunderclouds coming in
(again)... hot... humid... and WONDERFUL!
WELCOME to campus!

This is the view from Chris' dorm room... AWESOME!  Although it
was BLAZING hot while we were there, this will all soon be covered in snow!

Our new favorite Flagstaff hangout... The Flagstaff Brewery, downtown...
GREAT food, hand brewed beer, ping pong and casual!

Chris' new home... wonder how long it will look so clean...? ;-)

Time to say "Good-bye"... for a few days, anyway...

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