Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weight Loss Myth #2... "I don't have time..."

Ever feel like time is literally being
sucked out of you...?
 I know... I know... this myth could very easily be #1...  How many times have you heard family or friends complain about their weight, but then add very quickly, "If I just had time to get to the gym..." or "I don't have time to sleep, much less work out..."  Realistically, you can probably come up with 10 reasons right now as to why you aren't exercising... no time, no money to join a gym, no babysitting for the kids, not confident to walk into a gym because all those "fit people" will look down at you (those "fit" people had to walk into a gym for the first time, too...)... I don't own any workout clothes that fit... my most current tennis shoes are 10 years old... and on and on and on... If your weight is a priority, then you WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

My schedule right now is CRAZY... Yes, I know... when is our life NOT crazy...?  I'm not working since it is summer break, but I am taking care of a house of 5 (and the dog), training for my first century (100 mile bike ride) that is coming up in 2 WEEKS and my 4th triathlon in 8 weeks, getting things ready for our son to move to Arizona to attend NAU, cleaning EVERY INCH of our house since Mom and Dad will be here for a week taking care of Anna and Abby while we are in Arizona, writing, hosting "Camp Locher" for our God kids a few weeks this summer, back to school shopping, transitioning Athletic Booster, fundraising, and Grad Nite paperwork and stuff to new people and learning all about (and attending several meetings this summer) for my new position as PTA President at Anna's school... oh, and playing with and being my Husband's Girlfriend! 

YOUR life is YOUR choice!  What are YOUR priorities?  My family... my husband... my confidence... my health...  those are my priorities and I (FINALLY) have made choices to allow me to focus on MY priorities... did you see how many times I said "my" when listing MY priorities?  So many of us live in a confined tunnel... you only see your commitments, your job, the bills, the laundry, the dishes... and would NEVER DREAM to allow yourself to take the blinders off and even look at what you are missing.  The thing is, it is not only YOU that is missing out... it is your kids, your husband, your friends... they are missing out on you, too.

Take the blinders off.

Make a list of YOUR priorities.

Figure out how to fit those priorities into your world... I'm NOT suggesting that you walk away from all your responsibilities... come on, balance, people!  But, I'm sure there is an hour here or something you can give up or cut back on.  Several months ago, I made a choice to step away from the scrapbook industry... an industry that I have been very involved with for over 5 years.  As much as I loved designing, traveling, teaching, and having my work and articles published around the world, I needed that time to focus on my weight and my husband.  Make YOUR choices.

FIND... YOUR... TIME!  Because, SERIOUSLY... when MAMA ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!

And check out this fantastic article by Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D., "Not Enough Time?--All we have is time"

Make it a FANTASTIC day, everyone! :-)

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Erin said...

This is great Tracey!! Thank you for sharing! I love your friend Kristi sent it to me and I am so thankful she did...You are doing a great job and are so real about it. That is truly appreciated. I fell off the weight loss wagon a few months ago after losing almost 40lbs..frustrated but am back on the wagon now.. Thank you again...Erin