Wednesday, March 21, 2012

San Diego International Triathlon... GOALS set... MUSIC DAY!

I would NEVER be racing if it wasn't for the PALOMAR YMCA!
Soooooo proud to "represent!"
My next race is in 3 months... Sunday, June 24... the San Diego International Triathlon.  I've pulled the results from my category (Athena) for the past few years and I've set my goals.  The swim is 1,000 meters (the last one was 1,200 meters), but this is in much more active water... the bike is 18.6 miles (instead of 24 miles), but this one has a good hill and lots of undulations... the last one was flat.  And the run... both 6.2 miles... and both pretty flat...

I've set very aggressive goals for this race and I will have my 3 month, daily training schedule ready in the next few days.  So much is changing right now that it is hard to figure out how to get my daily training in, much less meet my goals, but I've worked too hard for too long to let a "scheduling" issue get in the way of my training, health and... ultimately, flirting with my husband!

I'm going to post my goal times here... to keep me in check...

Swim - 1,000 meters - 18 minutes (50 seconds/50 meters)
Bike - 18.6 miles (HILLY) - 60 minutes (18 mile/hour average)... CRUD... I'm going to have to go downhill FAST... AUGH!
Run - 6.2 miles - 55 minutes (9 minutes/mile)

So, in the spirit of the KICK ASS WORKOUT, here is a new song that I've added to my workout playlist.  It doesn't have anything to do with working out... and is actually a slower song, but the beat and the passion of the singer really gets me pushing... especially up a TOUGH BIKE CLIMB!  "You and I" by Lady Gaga... (I didn't post a link because I really didn't like the video images, but find the song and listen to it... you will love it, too!)

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