Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No change in numbers, but HUGE change in stats - PHOTOS!

So here I am again... at 196... although I would much rather be sitting on a plateau at 196 instead of 201... or 212... or 250... I spent WAY too much time up at 250, so I'm good (at the moment) with 196.

Although my weight numbers have not changed, something else has!!!  I have a scale that measures my % of body fat and % of muscle (among other things.)  Much to my surprise as I weighed in this week, I am now the proud owner of MORE MUSCLE than FAT!  WOOO HOOOO!  My fat is 28.5% and my muscle is 29.7%!!!! 
196 pounds
196 pounds

I can feel my clothes fitting better, so I knew, although the number wasn't changing, that my body WAS changing.  I love this journey!  There are so many different ways to see that all those hours in the gym ARE paying off! :-)

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