Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Weekly Feature...

Several of you have asked if I would add a weekly feature to this blog about exercise.  OK... but FIRST,  a few disclosures... I am NOT a trainer and I am NOT going to be giving any training advice... except this... YOU need to check with your doctor for a check up before you start any workout routine and YOU have to pay attention to, take care of and know YOUR body! 

Weight Loss Challenge - Palomar YMCA
Spring 2009

I have been working out for different reasons/events for the past 25+ years and I have learned things that work for me. I can share with you how I started working out... workout inspiration... up to how I am training for my races now.  I can tell you that what I did in my 20's is TOTALLY different from what I am doing now that I'm 40.  I can also tell you that BIG GIRLS CAN ROCK THE BURN, and that just because you haven't exercised for awhile or think you are too "big" to exercise, there is something that will work for you!

Today, I want to share what happened to me when I walked into my gym today.  I workout at my local YMCA (and I LOVE the facility, the staff and the friends I have made there!).  I ran into my friend, Paula (she was on one of my weight loss challenge teams and has gone on to become a personal trainer... she TOTALLY rocks!)  I was showing off my new figure when someone on a weight machine nearby said, "I have seen you working out here and I can totally see the changes in your body."  (This was a total stranger.)  Then Paula's client started asking me what I was doing and I told her about this blog and the photos I take every week.  When I mentioned the name of the blog, several other ladies that were working out nearby started giggling and nodding... they loved the name and the concept of this blog.  A few feet away, another gym member told me that she had also noticed the changes I have made.  WOW... PEOPLE ARE NOTICING!  10 feet away were the treadmills and 2 more friends I have made through the weight loss challenge program (that don't know about the blog) and they both congratulated me on my progress. 
I learned a few things today...

1.  I am TOTALLY wearing this outfit for my triathlon in 2 weeks.. with that many compliments, it must look pretty good! :-)

2.  People are paying attention to my journey.  Even people that I don't know are watching my progress... THAT inspires me to work even harder!  You might not feel comfortable going into a gym because you think people will look at you and judge you (OK, maybe that is just me!)... what I never imagined is that people would be watching my success... not paying attention to "the big girl on the spin bike..." but "the big girl that is KICKING IT on the spin bike..."

3.  With all the adrenaline and pride that those compliments gave me, I have NEVER had a better run on the treadmill!!! ;-)

When you are ready to start working out, find a place that makes you feel comfortable and part of the family!  You don't just want 4 walls and some workout equipment... participate in some classes... do a few training sessions to meet some of the trainers... join in on some of the programs to meet some of your fellow gym members... be inspired and inspire others... I have NEVER loved (much less liked) a gym before and my YMCA is a big part of the reason I am doing so well today!

One last note... I need some help!  I don't know what to call this new weekly feature... unless you want something silly like "It's About the Burn," or "Sweat, Baby, Sweat" you need to send me some suggestions!!!
See you tomorrow for an AWESOME new recipe!!!

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