Friday, May 13, 2011

For the love of my scale... My own CHALLENGE...

I'm in the middle of a one week challenge and it is DRIVING ME BONKERS!  Last weekend, we were at my parents' house for the weekend, so I took my scale for weigh in... and accidentally left it there.  Soooooo, I decided this was the perfect opportunity for a challenge.  No scale... NO WEIGHT CHECKS for the week!  HOLY COW!  I feel like I jumped out of an airplane and forgot my parachute!

How am I doing?

Have I put weight on?

Have I lost anything?

HOW can I keep track of my progress for the week without my PRECIOUS SCALE!?

Yes, I know the professionals tell you that you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday... or even every week, for that matter... but I have been waking up and going straight to the scale everyday for 4 months now.  I know I fluctuate throughout the week, and that is fine, but if I can watch it, and if I go up a pound or two, I know I have to be EXTRA careful with my intake and workouts to keep it under control.  HOW IS MY WEIGHT THIS WEEK... AUGH!

I have A CONFESSION... I'm so nervous about this "no scale" thing that I actually weighed myself IN MY BATHING SUIT (just before my swim)... in the middle of the YMCA workout room this morning!  Can you IMAGINE!  Desperate times call for desperate measures, but COME ON!  Now, I'm not going to share the number that I saw today... and I'm not going to get stuck on it, because all scales are different and I don't know how different the Y scale is from my scale... a few pounds one way or the other I'm sure... although I SURE LIKED that little number... (tee, hee, hee!)

My point for this challenge and this emotional tirade is that I (we, because I KNOW there are many of you reading this right now saying... "THAT IS SO ME!") need to start trusting myself/ourselves and my/our choices.  We have embarked on a long term, lifestyle change... not just a diet... and in order to make these changes permanent, we need to be able to trust our eating and our workout balance and know that we are still OK.

So... I will finish this week and see what happens.  I am going out to purchase a new scale this weekend that I will start using next week (I said I have to LEARN to trust myself... I'm still a "Work in Progress"... I'm not there yet...)  I do have a scientific way to figure out the difference between the old scale and new scale so I don't have a "miraculous" 5 pound weight loss because the two scales are calibrated differently.  I know enough that the number itself isn't as important as the consistency of getting that number from the same scale each week... it is the WEIGHT LOST that counts at the end of the day... not the exact number.

And even more important... the way the weight you have lost makes you feel! 

As for me... I'm... Feeling... AMAZING!  Have a GREAT day, everyone!

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Jeff said...

Boy I'm glad you got the new scale. Now you can resume your weigh ins and relax.
Love you