Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding inspired Music Day...

The Royal Wedding... what an INCREDIBLY beautiful and moving event!  Of course, watching Catherine and William's nuptials made me reminisce about our wedding day... and of course, our special song.  Check out the article I wrote called, "Bring back the passion, Royal Wedding Style."

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While planning our wedding, I asked Jeff if he had thought about the song for our first dance and without hesitation he said, "Yes!  'When A Man Loves A Woman.'"  And, seriously, that was it. 

Now, you might think that song is special to us ONLY because it was our first dance song... or it could be because every time Jeff hears that song he tears up a little... but we have another memory of that song that is just as great as that special first dance!

One year to the day of our wedding, we got the keys to our house.  The luck and timing of moving into our home COULDN'T have been better, however we were so busy with escrow and packing and the excitement of purchasing our first home that there wasn't a lot of talk about our first wedding anniversary... or so Jeff thought!  (tee, hee, hee!)

Moving day... to the truck rental yard at 6AM... to find out the truck wasn't there, so we got 2 smaller trucks... to the apartment and start loading (from a 2nd story unit)... fill up 2 trucks and drive them 50 miles to the house... unload the 2 trucks... get beds set up for the kids and for us... get the kids in bed... and collapse on the living room floor.  Boxes stacked EVERYWHERE... dirty from moving... and so much to do to get our new home livable. We were SOOO exhausted, but I had a surprise for Jeff.  I pulled out a bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider and two cups, the boom box, a candle, and a CD.  I turned off the lights and lit the single candle.  I turned on a special song (you can guess what song it was) and asked my husband to dance with me.  There we were, in OUR home, dancing in the candle lit living room with clutter and boxes and covered with grime... it was one of THE MOST ROMANTIC memories that we have and a PERFECT 1st wedding anniversary!

I have an assignment for you... find the song from your first dance and create a new memory for you and your husband.  It can be as low key or as extravagant as you want it to be... but help the song bring back the passion you felt when you danced to it for the first time as Man and Wife... and use that passion to create a new special memory!  And make it a GREAT night!

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Jeff said...

I love these memories.
and I love you
Happy Mothers Day Chicklet