Monday, May 2, 2011

Time for a new look... PHOTOS!

I FINALLY broke through my plateau... well, maybe I should wait for 2 consecutive loss weeks before I say that, but I'm confident!  In fact, I feel that it is time for a change...  my weigh-in outfit.  When I picked out that pink top and grey shorts, I knew it was a very tight outfit that I was hoping would get looser and looser until I could actually wear it to the gym... and, well... I did that!  So, it is time to pull out another WAY TOO TIGHT shirt... and I CAN'T WAIT to watch myself melt in this outfit, too!
237 pounds

215.4 pounds

Although I was a bit nervous about starting with a new TIGHT shirt, I'm excited to see the weekly pound or two changes that we saw in the beginning.  The pink shirt has just been too loose the past few weeks and we haven't been able to see the changes.  For those of you following at home, I SURE HOPE that you are taking photos, too, because this is ONE of the BEST parts of this journey! 

It is what it is
at the start...

... HOLY COW... I AM kicking my
own butt!

And, YES, DAD... you do get the credit for suggesting that I put on a new TIGHT shirt!  I think you just wanted to see that your daughter is turning into a cutie! ;-)  Love you, Dad!


Tracey's Father said...

I knew that pink shirt should be traded out for another. You are looking great, and the backside really shows it. Love you, Dad

Gloria Stengel said...

You are doing so well. I am more than proud! I am waiting for the next new shirt! Go, Tracey! (I am just a few ounces short of 15 lbs lost. It's going so slowly....but it's going!)