Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are you your Husband's Girlfriend, or his roommate?... "Date Night"

We were at our friends' house last night (Hi, Mindy and Jeff) and watched a fun movie that had me CRACKING UP... "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.  The theme of the movie is of the old married couple that are better roommates than husband and wife... in a life routine with blinders on... just living the routine day after day after day... 

The whole time we were watching the movie I kept thinking about how much I am LOVING becoming my husband's girlfriend... how blessed I am to be loved by him... and how fun it is to flirt again now that he hugs me extra tight, stares at me when he thinks I can't see him, and cuddles all night long.  Jeff's smile has always made my heart start beating faster, but these days, his smile... that starts with the upward turn of his mouth and encompasses his eyes, his posture... his whole being... makes me absolutely melt. 

So... do I have to say it...?  Flirting is just like sex... at first you might not think you are "in the mood," but once you get started, you'll enjoy it just as much as he does! ;-)  Go get that flirt on... and enjoy your Date Night!

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