Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo Time... hummmm....

I'm up 1.8 pounds... there, I said it.

And I'm good with that.

Saturday night I enjoyed Margaritas and garlic ranch bread with some friends.

Last night, we had corned beef, cabbage and garlic dill potatoes.  Yummmmmmmmm...

This journey is about restraint, but living, too!  So, I am up... and with I ate this weekend, I'm actually glad it is only 1.8 pounds!  I'm already back on track, swam 1.5 miles today, and looking toward a GREAT week!
206.8 pounds
208.6 pounds

CRUD... after looking at those photos of an almost 2 pound gain... maybe it wasn't worth the extra calories... You know what is CRAZY... you can see 2 pounds of gain just as easily as you can see 2 pounds of loss... Things that make you go, hummmmmmmm....

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