Monday, April 2, 2012

Best "Back to Work" job EVER... because I get to sleep with the boss...and it's OK!

You KNOW you are not going to get a quick explanation of that post title! If you read my blog, you know I love to write, and this is a pretty great story! Yes... after being a "stay at home mom" for the past 8 years, I am back to work full time. The past 8 years has been full of not only the normal mom duties, but I was very involved in the scrapbook industry... as an internationally published designer and author, I was hired around the state to teach at scrapbook events and represent several manufacturers through design work and personal appearances (me... seriously... how weird is that!?) You can check out some of my work at my other blog, "WOOOOO HOOOOO!"

I've also spent the past 8 years volunteering like crazy at the kids' schools and our local YMCA (usually a minimum of 20 hours a week), blogging, training and "becoming my husband's girlfriend" and working at Anna's elementary school.
What most of you don't know is that before I stayed home, I was a Community Manager for homeowner associations in Orange and San Diego Counties. Although my job locations and titles changed a few times, I specialized in on-site management... accounts where my office was located within the on-site facilities in the community. I mention this because in addition to handling the business of the associations, I had to deal with staffing, recreation, hosting events for up to 500 people and being organized and ready for impromptu visits from homeowners/board members needing documents on the spot (my fault... I always had an open door policy with my clients). My favorite account was Glenwood in Aliso Viejo, my most notable account was as Assistant Manager for the Aliso Viejo Community Association (15,000 units back then), and my most difficult account as a General Manager, Canyon Crest Estates in Mission Viejo.

Jeff and me... in front of Three Phase Electric, San Diego!
And in the 14 years that I was a HOA manager, one of my favorite vendor companies was Three Phase Electric. Not only was it the company that Jeff and fraternity brother Scott (and wife Kim) started almost 25 years ago, they understood the HOA industry and were the only electricians I would use on my accounts.

So... what does this all have to do with "sleeping with the boss!?" Jeff and I always knew that I would have to go back to work, but we did not want to have to put Anna in daycare... and finally, an offer came up that we couldn't turn down. I started training to become the new "Hub" position for Jeff's San Diego Three Phase Electric office about 2 months ago. I was brought in to move the office in a new direction... using my knowledge and understanding of the manager side of the HOA industry, they were confident I could up the level of service to their clients and bring something new to the San Diego market.
"Anna's Office"... still looking for that great bean bag for comfy
TV watching and chapter book reading!
And daycare for Anna... not needed. We have an extra office in our suite that we have converted as "Anna's office" for the days/holidays that we need to have her with us at work.

Now you know why I have been so absent here and why I am thrilled that with the 10+ hour days that we are currently putting in... new eating schedule... new workout/lack of workout schedule... and my weight is still down!  But the best thing is that I get to work with Jeff every day. I have a lot more to say about that topic, but will save that for another post.

Things are going great so far... long hours and lots of days, but it is all good! And oddly enough... interesting results tomorrow for photo day!!! Stay tuned... this journey has just gotten much more interesting!!!

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