Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back to work... and losing weight... PHOTOS!

... so, I'm back to work... and (surprise, surprise) I've jumped in with both feet. My job training for the past 6 weeks was tough, but finally moving into and becoming the new 2nd in comand behind Jeff at our office has meant that in the past 16 days, we have had 1 day away from the office, spending an average of 10+ hours a day at work (yes, that includes weekends.)  Our schedule at the moment is get up, work until you can't anymore, dinner, a few quick chores... and bed.  Thank goodness that Jessica is available and doing a great job taking care of/playing with Anna for her 2-week spring break so our poor little bug isn't spending 10+ hours a day at her "new office."

This is a pretty big transition time and fitting in proper eating and training has been very hard... THANKFULLY, Jeff totally understands and supports the work I've already put in and is doing what he can to help me around the house so I can get quick workouts in.  I've started doing my runs on the streets around our house (to cut on the drive time to the gym) and I've started spinning on my road bike in our garage at 5:30AM... again, to save some time.
... no words...
and the last 2 photos are a 1 pound, but 6 month difference...
the numbers might not change, but the body sure can!!!
So...(drumroll please...) I am pleased as punch to say I've finally broken through my plateau... it might be by 1/2 pound, but with everything else going on, I'M THRILLED! To be losing weight with all these challenges... HOLY COW!!! :-) This is really working... but can I keep it up...? Hummmm....
196.0 pounds
195.5 pounds

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