Friday, April 15, 2011

The next generation... becoming GREAT Girlfriends...

Today, I had to share a cute story... my son Chris' girlfriend, Kendra, put together the CUTEST PLAN to ask Chris to Prom.  Now, you have to know that Chris is one of the star football players at OGHS... and Kendra is one of the Varsity Cheerleaders at SPHS... OGHS and SPHS are CROSS TOWN RIVALS... They have been dating for most of this school year and have had fun teasing each other...

Kendra asked Chris to Homecoming... while she was cheering at a SPHS football game... and Chris and the whole OGHS football team was watching the game, because they were playing SPHS the following week. 

Chris escorted Kendra along with her family on SPHS jersey night...

And, most recently, Chris asked Kendra to the OGHS Prom during his performance at the OGHS Talent Show...SO... DARN... CUTE!  What you don't see on the video is Kendra, jumping up and down in the stands next to us... yelling, "YES, YES, YES!"
Now Kendra's prom is coming up and she had a GREAT PLAN to ask Chris! 
Here is the photo journey of the "proposal..."

In front of our house, was this pizza and a note that said,
"I know I can be cheezy..."
and a trail of hearts leading to the next clue...
"And I can be such a Nerd"
(His favorite "Nerd" candy is in the bag)
"But I've been fishing for a date"
The tackle box is full of gummy worms,
sour worms and Swedish Fish.  They have been spent several
weekends with Kendra's family fishing at a local campground
and lake... Vail Lake (one of our favorites, too!)

"And there is no one in the lake I'd rather take..."

You can read this one...
... the funny thing is that she decorated his WHOLE ROOM
with blue and gold... SPHS colors!
Chris getting home and finding the pizza... and the hearts...

Of course, he said, "YES!"
Kendra is a DOLL and it is so much fun to watch these two together.  It reminds me of the young love and fun that I am working to re-ignite by Becoming my Husband's Girlfriend, Again! 
So here is a FUN WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT... do something little... something fun... something unexpected to remind your husband how much you love him!  Remember that every little thing you do for him, will be repaid... with a smile... a kiss... with love.  And THAT, my friends, is what this is all about! 

Make it a MOST WONDERFUL weekend!!!

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