Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm here... I'm here... with PHOTOS!

I know we have all had "one of THOSE weeks..."  This past week was TOTALLY one of them!  Crazy schedule, tons of stress, and not enough hours in the day, much less the week!!!  WHEW... last week is over and this week is looking GREAT! 

Let's jump right into the photos, shall we...

216.6 pounds

218.4 pounds

YEP... I went up 1.8 pounds this week... and am I worried, NOPE! 

I'm still down 18.6 pounds and fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in about 3 years!

AND... I... FEEL... GREAT! 

And, I know that YOU feel great, too!  To Melissa... 52 POUNDS!!!  WOOO HOOOO!  I'm following in your footsteps!!!  And Jodi... of COURSE I remember you, my scrapbook sister, you!  Send me the link to your new blog so we can do this together!!!

I have a FUN Music Day for tomorrow... with photos!  You don't want to miss it!! 
Have a FANTASTIC day, everyone! 


Melissa D. said...

Up or down, as long as we keep going down, right!?! I had a rough week too but got right back on the band wagon yesterday. Feeling good and keeping the workouts going. Thanks for the shout out and the inspiration! I found this blog via your scrap blog so I thought I'd share my scrap blog too in case you are interested : ) Have a fabulous week!

Gloria Stengel said...

You are still doing GREAT! The change is amazing already! Keep up the hard work!

I had to shop for a top today, and decided to try on some jeans, and I was down a size, comfortably down. I was also down a size in tops! I'm only down 13 lbs, but it was enough. I had a zero week again...ugh... And I'm at a retreat for the rest of this week, so hope I do ok!

Toni said...

Your looking great Tracey! Looking sexy!!