Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered..." MUSIC DAY!

Some time ago, I shared with you one of the best gifts that my husband, Jeff,  ever gave me.  For my 40th birthday, he put together a CD of songs that were special to us... songs that made us smile... and songs that had a message that he wanted to share with me.  I have yet to get through the whole CD without crying my eyes out at least once... both hysterically laughing tears and "I love you so much" tears!

Today, I'm sharing Track #20 from that CD... a song that I recently added to my workout playlist because it makes me smile and has a great beat for heavy tension, climbing up a hill on the spin bike!  From the one and only,

Mr. Stevie Wonder...
"Sign, Sealed, Delivered... I'M YOURS!"

I LOVE YOU, my sweet husband! 
Make it a FANTASTIC DAY, everyone! :-)

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Jeff said...

I love you too!!!