Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best Birthday Themed Party... EVER!...(and 1 day to go...)

I shared with you yesterday the 1.2 pounds that I went up last week was sooooooo worth it... the friends that brought us the "Mashed Potato Martini Bar" a few weeks ago, helped to put on one of the most creative and well planned surprise birthday parties I think I've ever been to!

A surprise 50th birthday bash for our friend, Deb... and the theme...

"Redneck Bash"...
and costumes were required!  Jeff and I love comedian, Jeff Foxworthy and his "You know you're a redneck..." bits.  And the "Blue Collar Comedy" troop with Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy... those shows have us CRYING we laugh so hard.  So, it only made sense that when we were introduced to the TV show... "My Big Redneck Wedding,"  hosted by Tom Arnold, that it would become one of our guilty pleasures...

... which leads me to our costume for the party... inspired by "My Big Redneck Wedding," we HAD to be the "Shotgun Wedding Couple"... complete with a bouquet made of paper towel, brown bag and denim flowers and a veil made of tissue paper.  My "pregnant wedding dress" was a white t-shirt and petticoat... Jeff was in his coverall, hat and his "Uncle Buck" teeth.  Our son laughed when he saw me and said, "Mom, you just spent all this time losing weight and now you are padding your costume...?" 

"This ain't no yard sale..."
I'll let the photos tell the story... those photos I can share in public, that is... but I must say that the decor for the party (including a pick up truck Jacuzzi), the food, drinks and snacks (including a BBQ sauce fountain, pork rinds, spray cheese, deep fried corn dogs and tatter tots, and Jell-O shooters) and midnight karaoke brought this gala for 150 to redneck perfection.

Deb, the birthday girl, made into a Charger's Girl... with Paulette
As far as the music for this special post day... this one is dedicated to my OHHHHHH SO HANDSOME REDNECK HUSBAND... Jimmy Buffett doing, "Hey, Good Lookin'!"

Me and Kellie... there must have been something in the water...
Where do you get a rusted out claw foot
bathtub for a party prop...  AWEWOME!

Decorated to perfection!

HEY, Good Lookin!  Oh, and my denim
garter belt...

Our friends TOTALLY ROCK! ;-)
This was a FANTASTIC night with WONDERFUL friends... and I felt GREAT... and had FUN flirting with my sweet husband!  Tomorrow... our 10-year wedding anniversary!

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