Monday, July 11, 2011

Want to see what 1/2 pound looks like...? Photo Day!

Yes, I know... no matter how hard I try to have my weekly photos taken in the same position with the same clothes on and with Jeff standing the same distance away from me, just a slight difference in angle will effect the comparison photos.  Last week was a perfect example with a 3-pound weight loss and the photos looking almost identical... but then I have a .6 pound weight loss this week and the photos... well... take a look... 
203.8 pounds

204.4 pounds

Yep... they still look almost identical! (ha, ha, ha!)  The shirt is getting looser around the neck, shoulder and arm areas and as we were taking the photos, we noticed that the rolls in my waist area were almost straight!  Trust me... it looked good in person! ;-)

Soooooo... I have a GOAL!  Our 10-year wedding anniversary is coming up next week and I am going to do everything I can to be in ONE-derland for our special celebration in 2 weeks.  4 pounds in 2 weeks... after already losing almost 50 pounds (since my heaviest last summer)... HERE... WE...GO!

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