Sunday, January 29, 2012

I love the smell of Urgent Care in the morning...

Cool... you can see the strap marks from my
brace in this photo... and yes, Dad, I have
your toes! :-)

... let's just say that my fall last night was not as simple as I thought.  After a night of pain and waking up with a grapefruit where my left ankle used to be, I decided to pass on the brick workout and head into Urgent Care for some X-rays...  THANK goodness, it is not broken, just badly sprained.  Looks like I will be spending this week training in the pool... no running (hopefully next week)... maybe some spinning by mid-week, but I am on crutches and we are on final countdown...

...35 days until the
Desert International Triathlon...AUGH!  I NEED TO GET MY BURN ON!!!  Good thing I have AWESOME friends and trainers at my Palomar YMCA... Paula, Laura, Roland... HELP!

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