Monday, January 9, 2012

Photos (YEAH!) and a new challenge...

Ahhhh... I love when a plan comes together!  Getting back to the basics, drinking A TON of water and writing down my WW points is helping!  Even having a chest cold and missing two workouts this week, I still lost 2 pounds!  I must say, as AWESOME as the holidays were... eating and enjoying... I actually hit 207 pounds the week after Christmas but before New Years.  I lost 4 pounds before taking last week's photo and have lost 2 more this week.  My goal of hitting 190 by the Desert International Triathlon in 8 weeks is a reality... 11 pounds to go in 8 weeks... lots of training... several brick workouts... I CAN DO IT!

201.0 pounds

203.0 pounds

To help keep me even more accountable, I have joined "The Biggest Loser" Weight Challenge at work.  Today was weigh-in and I'm not sure how many people from our school are participating, but I'm in.  I figure the 7:30AM, Monday morning weigh-ins will help keep me on track with getting my photos and Monday posts, too.  The challenge last until March 30th and the top two people with highest percentage of weight loss, WIN!  I know I've already lost 50 pounds, but I still have a way to go, so this extra challenge will help keep me focused!  

To reach your goals, you need to find "the button" that will make you work to earn them.  I NEED a challenge!  I NEED to be accountable to someone/something other than myself.  This blog, the new work challenge, and training for races are the buttons I've found to keep me on track.  What is YOUR button...?

Make it a FANTASTIC day and I will see you tomorrow for MUSIC DAY!


Jami said...

Hello Tracey!!!

I´m still looking your blog all week, and I really enjoy to read it, you´re so special!! I have my own blog now, it´s not in English yet, but I´ll do it soon....and since last year I´m doing scrap for me, of course but I´m selling my works too...I´m so happy!!
So, thanks so much for all the things that you share, it gave me strenght to reach my dreams!!
Have a nice week dear!!

Kisses, Jamila!!

Tracey Locher said...

Thank you so much, Jamila! And keep reaching for your dreams! After all, they are right there for the taking... you just have to go get them! :-)

Jami said...

Hello Tracey!!

Thanks so much for your words, I´ll keep with my dreams, of course!!
When you have time take a look at It´s still just in portuguese, but I´m working on it, just take a look at my works, I´d love to get your opinion!!
Kisses, Jamila!!